Dual fuel with natural gas

With our dependence on foreign oil, and crude prices steadily rising, and the EPA pushing for tougher emissions standards, why not offer a dual fuel vehicle using unleaded gas and natural gas? We have an abundance of natural gas, and it is quite a bit cheaper. Plus natural gas is an extremely clean burning fuel, and doesn't produce carbon which doesn't dirty engine oil, and pistons and rings stay clean giving a smoother running engine. There is even a home filling kit that uses your homes gas supply to refill the tank, and if you can't find natural gas, flip a switch and run gasoline. Los Angeles taxis and buses use CNG and Honda offers an Accord that uses it, and there are a few retrofit kits on the market. With everyone searching for alternative energy, we have have the answer that can be used right now!
Justin Gallen 05/31/2011
What I would love is to be able to buy the European version dual fuel here .
terry chin 03/20/2011
Excellent idea....
Brian Langston 03/03/2011
I wish we had an option for a nat gas Accord when we bought ours. It should not be that hard for fuel stations to put in a few fueling stations at their stores, just like some have one or two diesel pumps. Ford does make an industrial duel fuel engine that is in some construction equipment but is propane and gas. Should not be that hard to make the switch to nat gas. It is mch needed in the U.S.