Don't Abandon the Stick

By Eric H.

I love fords and have owned 4 in recent history. I currently have a Expedition EL King Ranch which I love. I'm going to need to put my wrangler away soon because it's brutal to drive as a daily driver. I've been dieing to get into a small to medium size SUV that will allow me to haul the 2 young kids and dog but is also economical and fun to drive. I also require that it have 4x4 capability and some ground clearance. I realize that there may not be a lot of people that like a 6 speed manual but surely enough of them to warrant making it an option...even at an additional cost. Outside of a wrangler, the options are the FJ Cruser which is not a true 4 door and a BMW X3 which is far more fancy than my utilitarian needs.
The stick makes it economical and fun to drive and the 4x4 and suv configuration makes it exceptionally useful. Wrangler owners have loved this about the Jeeps for years but even Jeep doesn't offer it in any vehicle other than the wrangler. For the Explorer or Edge...give us a 5 speed or 6 speed stick option. I for one would buy it. In fact, I may just buy the auto and take it over to Roush here in Livonia and see how much it will cost me to get a nice stick tranny installed. If you're going to spend hours a day for a decade in a car, you have to be happy with the setup.
Istvan Buda 05/16/2011
lack of manuals ? B;lame it on the lazy drivers!!!!
SH 10/04/2010
I would agree. Ford needs to offer more with a manual. Now that the Ranger is being phased out, and now you can even get one in a Super Duty. Something to compete with a Wrangler would be great; solid axles, V6 and V8 engine options and a stick. I would trade up to something like this; a newer version of a early Bronco would be great. The only reason I didn't buy a new Super Duty is because you can’t get a stick. I have owned 4 Fords and still have 2 of them, all of which have been 4x4’s.