Dirty Diesel & E Series Vans

By Dan B.

Rather than discontinuing diesel options for the E Series vans,
Ford SHOULD produce the highest power diesel in the class, a diesel which can burn dirty diesel, vegitable oil, the ability to stretch fuel with used motor oil mixes, fuel oil, peanut oil: ANYTHING. This ability for a high powered diesel engine coupled with advanced fuel and exhaust filtering would be a GREEN MACHINE, able not only to utilize a diversity of fuel options, but to simultaneously be its own air
scrubber, processing trash fuels into clean, green use via exhaust filtering. Imagine being able to market a full size truck or van as a go anywhere, burn anything environmental filtering device while at the same time being the most powerful diesel available. Jeesh, you guys were almost there! Add some filters, hotter plugs and an after burner of some sort and bring it back as a new environmentally conscious powerhouse diesel. Shoot, do it quick enough and maybe
Obama will give you a few billion to market it! While you're at it, high speed portal axles, PTOs front and rear and a factory lift option allowing for larger, off-road tires would be great! Now the same model can be the ultimate dream vehicle for soccer moms, lumber jacks, ambulance and first responders, rock climbers, camping enthusiasts... Really, an economical, environmentally friendly, 4x4 powerhouse diesel van overlaps a lot of potential markets. Bigger and stronger than any SUV ever made and better for the blue skies than a vehicle with a fraction of its ability. Why the heck does green need to equate to whimpy and smaller...?
N. Rodriguez 12/09/2011
Awsome. This is music to my ears.
Kyle Young 12/01/2011
this is a great idea that many americans want.