Diesel,Still in the Future?

By John M.

Williston,ND has broke ground on getting oil from the shale coal.I read recently of a 2012 or 13 European Focus with a 1.6 or 1.8L diesel engine. That is said to give 80mpg. I say Ford should look into bringing that model here,"if",the amount of oil said to be produced in ND. Could lower the cost per gallon of diesel substantially. Cause that would be pretty cool for me to fill up here in Florida and darn near drive to my fathers in Michigan on 1 tank of fuel.
Karl A 04/19/2012
Chevy has a Cruze diesel on the way... VW cannot build their TDi's fast enough.
Bill McKinley 02/08/2012
I want the best milage, it's as simple as that! And the best milage comes from a diesel!
Jeff Edwards 12/19/2011
To change an old saying, 'I don't care about the price of tea in China' syndrome, why care about the price of diesel from oil shale in ND? Has Ford looked at the sales of diesel cars from VW, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes? In our 'burg' you can't find a diesel that hasn't already been sold. 50 mpg for a diesel is just the start for a turbo-diesel/hybrid-plugin Ford product. Make it, bring it, and watch the sales rise and the CAFE figures fall for Ford.
Ron Jaspers 12/03/2011
I agree that diesels make sense especially where I like in the midwest. Electrics don't have the range yet for our distances, but farmers here know and trust our diesel pickup trucks. Please offer diesels for the whole car/SUV/crossover lines.
Kyle Young 12/01/2011
yes i agree, the Econetic engine would be a great product for the states
Brad Krekelberg 11/22/2011
Yeah, Americans do want diesels.