Diesels in small cars

In Europe a lot of cars get over 40+ miles per gallon. Their gas does cost more there per liter although. Yet, they achieve 40+ mpg without using hybrid engines. Fords in Europe even get bet gas mpg. If you added small diesels and 2cyl -3cyl gas engines like in Europe to get better gas then that would change the way cars are built here in the USA. The diesel engine is smart just because getting 68.9 in the FORD KA in Europe though a diesel is amazing. Diesel is a little bit more costly the regular but getting gas mileage like that without a Hybrid will change the game here. I think Ford with them turning their game around even during a recession will continue to use such technologies to be first among the rest of the competitors.
Dave Sanders 12/27/2011
This is in response to Alan. The Mondeo diesel I drove in rush hour city traffic for 2 weeks got a hair under 38 mpg average. There was one highway trip at 85 mph in there too. The fill up was in liters and the odometer was in kilometers. I did the conversion and there were no mistakes. The European spec diesels have excellent performance, they're quiet, and they get great gas mileage. They are simple (unlike hybrids) and reliable. I drove the Mondeo for 2 full days before I even knew it was a diesel and that was only because it was in big letters on the back of the insurance wallet.
Dave Sanders 12/27/2011
I rented a Mondeo diesel in Poland for 2 weeks. AMAZING mileage and excellent performance. I've wanted one ever since and will buy one if we can ever get Ford to market European spec diesels here. A Fusion turbodiesel would be AWESOME!!!!!
Alan Campbell 12/24/2011
What can be deceptive about comparing mileage in Europe vs US is the size of the 'gallon'. The US gallon is 3.78541 litres and the UK gallon, also known as the imperial gallon is 4.54609 litres. With the imperial gallon being larger, the mpg will always be greater. Which is part of the reason fuel is so much more expensive in Europe per 'gallon'. For instance, 40mpg in Europe is actually 33.31mpg in the US. And the Europe 68.9 mpg is actually 57.37 which is not bad, but the engine hp won't be drivable or safe on the roadways here in the US. Which is why the 1.l ecoboost engine at 120hp+ hp in a Focus would offer better US fuel econemy than even the smaller hp diesel engine Europe.
Daniel KrizakDanielKe 10/30/2011
I do like the idea of diesels ans even if diesel is more expensive you can go much further on a tank of diesel than a tank of gas.
Rog 10/28/2011
This is a must. Ford could gain so much awesome PR by supporting a CAFE increase. With diesels available, Ford could meet a 54mpg CAFE standard in 2 years.