Diesels For America

By Brad K.

Why not sell the Focus and other C-segment and smaller vehicles with diesels in America? Diesel is tried and true green technology. Why withhold it? Right now, the only choice is Volkswagen for those that prefer it.
Sal Undy 08/29/2011
First of all, stop sayin 'clean diesel' all the time. Diesel is Diesel.
I'm sure Ford does consider that option when it's time, but they have to be sure, cause there's no point in bringing them, when nobody buys them. Ford sure has an eye on Volkswagon's Diesel sales. Still good to post that here I think, just to let Ford know what the deal is.
It won't happen over night though.
Adam Fitting 08/29/2011
We ought to have diesel/biodiesel ready Ford vehicle options for every car in the fleet. Ford needs to lead the way toward ending our dependence on foreign oil and mineral oil based fuels.
wayne P 08/09/2011
the new Focus is missing a 2 door hatch back option, the only one I'd buy, what's up?
David Mellor 07/07/2011
I totally agree. Put a turbo diesel in the explorer, escape, edge, flex and the focus models. It is an immediate boost of at least 1/3 more MPG. Wow, an Escape that could get 30/42 MPG without hybrid. This is a no brainer folks, you have clean diesels in Europe. Bring them over.
Leandro Santos 06/28/2011