Diesels all around

Why not give people the option to go more GREEN with a Diesel engine in all your vehicles, and not just the SuperDuties. Yes even the Mustang.
Bill McKinley 02/08/2012
Abosfreakinlutely! If you're not sure about it, look at what VW's diesels are getting for MPG's. PLEASE wake up Detroit!
Heard about an article about the Global Ranger, about the same day as last Ranger produced.....global I guess as I also heard that the USA will not get it, even tho it has a diesel....what is the defination of global?
Ben Gross 12/04/2011
I would love to see Diesels make it into the whole line up for Ford vehicles. I personally think hybrids, and electric cars, are fads, and plus they are worse for the environment then the old Excursion.
Brad Krekelberg 12/01/2011
I have a friend that would like a Focus diesel 6-speed. And i'll take a Grand C-Max with diesel and a 6-speed. Thanks
Kyle Young 12/01/2011
what an Excellent idea! ford should build products americans want, and thats diesel.