Diesel Ranger

By Joe I.

Dear Ford,

I'm on a military base overseas. There are 4-door Ranger 4x4s with the diesel four and 5 speed all over the place! Bring it home! We would love to have this vehicle stateside!

Joe S 03/07/2012
I too have been stationed at some overseas mil bases and see these 4 door Ford Rangers with 2.0 - 4 cylinder diesel engines, 4x4 capability, good ground clearance, manual transmissions, and EVERYTHING I would want in a medium sized truck. I can't for the life of me figure out why these are not available in the US. With a turbo diesel 4 cylinder you can easily push 40 + miles to the gallon, and not sacrifice any power!! PLEASE FORD BRING THESE TO THE UNITED STATES!!!!
Bill M 02/23/2012
Please, please, please, PLEASE bring them here!!!!!
Real Crew Cab, Diesel, 5 speed Man...Where can I sign!
David Duggan 01/25/2012
Great Idea!