Diesel Ranger

By Paul M.

Please offer the 2012 diesel ranger 4x4 with manual transmission in the USA! It would be nice to have a powerful midsized truck to compete with the Toyota Tacoma.
Jim Straight 10/23/2011
great idea, don't understand why all the best vehicles are not availabe in the US . probably political thing like most stupid rules & regulations . personally some of us get tired of the government trying to take care of us
Grag Chizzy 10/11/2011
this would be a great thing the diesel ranger is already in Europe and gets between 36 and 40 mpg it also has more power than that of american rangers and can tow 6600lbs. it still is reasonable coming in at a price around $18000. this would be a great replacement for the gasoline ranger plus a great way to go green and would also be nice if ford paired with general electric so that a package to make bio-diesel could also be sold.