Diesel or Eco-Boost Ranger

I really believe the Ranger that is currently sold in other countries, like Australia would be a big hit here. Comparable size and very good fuel economy. If emission regulations are too tough (economically speaking) for a diesel powered Ranger in the USA then perhaps some Eco-Boost engines. I really think the compact trucks/midsize trucks need to stay the size of the current Ranger not grow as large as the Tacoma, Frontier & Dakota.

Place a high priority on fuel economy. Could a 6 or 7 speed dual clutch transmission be used in the Ranger? A dual clutch transmission would provide some additional fuel savings.

Towing capacity of 5000-5500 is sufficient, I know some of the mid size trucks are quite a bit higher but it's not necessary.

I would not like to see a uni-body truck like the Honda Ridgeline though. No 6' bed is a deal breaker for me!
brian 02/26/2013
I recently bought a jeep liberty crd 2.8 diesel 4x4. i get about 25 mpg mixed and 30 on hwy. with a good tune from gde you can get 35 mpg and tow 5000 pounds. they only made them for 2 years here.
sad. And you can run them on biodiesel or veggy oil !!!
Michael W 01/27/2013
Rebuilding the Ranger or a F100 with a small ecoboost 4 cyl or a turbo diesel engine would be a monster success. Think about it; people who need serious towing or hauling are going to buy a F150 or F250. But what about those "weekend warrior" types who do not strictly speaking NEED a truck but would like one? The people who are trying to choose between a mid size sedan and a small/midsize truck could be swayed to buy a Ranger. The ONLY competition right now would be the Tacoma (and the Nissan Frontier sort of). Next time there's a huge spike in gas prices, F150 sales will droop....but if there's a F100 or Ranger to pick up, then it will do just fine.
Bill Gould 04/25/2012
Build a scaled-down version of a F-150 with an Eco-Boost (or diesel?), price it right, and you will own the mid-sized truck market in the US.
Bj Fine 12/07/2010
You guys are all arguing about what the truck should be. They already make it. Its done. Its small and diesel and has a 5 seat crew cab with 4 doors. The problem is getting the government to let them import it. The one I drove got about 45 mpg. It was a 5 speed manual. It was a fine little truck. They are all over in the middle east. If I could buy one I would in a minute. It had AC but no power windows or doors. The stuff they sell overseas is not quite the build quality Americans are used to on the interior, they would have to fix that to sell them here. I owned a 2002 Ranger, honestly I thought it was too big. Also, it got 18mpg on a good day with the 4.0 v-6. For nearly being full sized with full size truck fuel economy that is what I should have gotten.

Hey Ford! Bring that little 4-door diesel truck to the US. You will crush your competitors in the fleet market alone!
Rocky 10/31/2010
I own a 2010 Jetta Diesel. It, in fact, does 46mpg. The tires are inflated to 48lbs (max 50) and I try to accelerate at engine rpm below 2000. I drive 70 in 65 and 60 in 55. I own a 2003 Sonoma which does 23MPG. I would love a Ranger Diesel from Australia. It takes 40% less crude oil to produce a gallon of diesel. 46Mpg diesel is 70mpg crude oil when compared to gasoline production. The diesel is no noiser than my Sonoma and does not smell of diesel. Even if the mpg increased to only 30mpg diesel, that is still 50mpg crude oil/gas equiv. This is a significant issue when speaking of importing crude oil from people who hate our guts.
Shawn 10/17/2010
I like the size of the global Ranger. I want a truck that is bigger than my current B4000, but not as big as the F150. The global Ranger with the 3.7L and 6 speed auto would dominate the market segment in the U.S. This segment has been sorely neglected by every manurfacturer for too long. Show some foresight. People will always need trucks. When gas hits $5 a gallon this will be the vehicle that is selling. 25 mpgs and it will still tow 6000 lbs.
John Fritze 08/16/2010
I cant believe that Ford is giving the rest of the world a reliable, efficient, and capable small pickup in the Ranger that is overseas, and yet they are killing the line here in the US, a line that hasnt been updated in years. I love the Ranger and would buy another in a flash if I could get one with a true crew cab and a decent engine and 4x4 and a manual tranny. I hope Ford reconsiders and keeps the line open- who wants to fall behind Chevy/Nissan/Toyota, and even Mahindra, the the pickup market?!
Clint 08/07/2010
I saw several comments about people wanting the size of the Ranger to stay the same. Well I have a 95 Ranger with 244K miles on it and It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I want a bigger Ranger. OK. Lets leave the Ranger the same and make that Sport trac thing into a truck. I want a longer bed and supercab and the eco boost V6 in a smaller truck then the F150 but larger then the Ranger.
Ian 07/30/2010
I can't believe how many people agree with the above, yet the response from Ford is "people will buy a F150 or fiesta"
I own a 08 Ranger 2.3, and love it... yes, I use it to commute, I also use it to haul my dirt bike, and it also fits in my driveway. I would love it more if it came with a 2.0 ecoboost (or 2.5 duratorq), had stability control, more refined shock/spring selection, and was 2 inches wider in the cab. I understand that Ford needs to look 10 years into the future when designing a vehicle, but if they get it wrong then a large, loyal group of potential buyers will feel betrayed, and jump ship. Come to your senses, Ford, give us what we've been asking for years.
Erik Swensen 07/28/2010
If Ford remodeled the Ranger and kept the same frame as previous, i would suggest the frame to be made from that ultra high strength steel to cut weight yet be just as strong. For powertrain, I would have the 2.5L I-4, Ecoboost 2.0L I-4, 3.7L V-6, and for a performance version, an Ecoboost 3.5L V-6. Transmissions should either be a 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic. And Ford should definately make a crew cab version, something it always lacked. 2wd and 4wd of course with a few different gear ratios to choose from for the axle(s) from fuel efficient to towing. This would set a good pace for Ford in my opinion and make it lead for fuel efficiency and performance!
Joseph Raymond 07/28/2010
I drive a 2000 Ford Ranger, Supercab 4x4 5spd w/3.0 V6 and get 20mpg average. I LOVE my truck. It is my daily driver but also my work truck and frequently has 1,000+ lbs in the bed. I will probably be looking to replace my truck in a few years and want another Ranger. But I don't want a step down in fuel economy. I want to see a Ranger getting 25+mpg in 4x4 Supercab trim - I don't care if it is an ecoboost engine or a diesel (duratorq etc).
Austin Jenkins 07/23/2010
I second that 3.7L V6 suggestion! Its an incredible motor combining great power and fuel efficiency, and best of all, it's already in production, with RWD transmissions available, and shouldn't have any issues passing for emissions. What more could you ask for!?
chris 07/14/2010
This is a good one! nice small diesel but 5 speed with THREE Pedals- maximum control. go down a hill with a load in an AT and you burn the brakes!
Sean Watts 07/13/2010
I am going to be in the market for a new pickup in the next couple of years. I would hate to think my only choice is a Mahindra.
Jay 07/04/2010
I'd be at my dealer as soon I see the Ranger comes out with a Diesel. I am a diesel fan, and I wanted one when I was younger back in the 80's when they did have diesel... when I got my first Ranger in '93, diesel were gone. :-(

My '09 is a great truck, but a Diesel will make it THE Truck!! Come on Ford, please get this going in the new Ranger..
total_loss 06/24/2010
As a Ranger and Escape owner I echo the comments here. Ford, step up and make so changes to allow us to get off the oil wagon. Make the Ranger electric again,
Juston 06/03/2010
I can't wait till Ford realizes that mini is in! Luxury is in! Technology is in! So bring out a Tough, Eco Boost, NAV equiped, Ranger with the new terrain response that the Explorer is debuting in the Fall!

Even the current body style no changes, just put an Eco-Boost in it, with Terrain Response and watch how many Teens first vehicles are the new ranger! Watch the old Bronco guys come back! Watch the guys who are tired of their large trucks hop into the newly outfitted Ford Ranger!
Elmer S 05/20/2010
Back in '86 Ford had a Ranger 2.3L diesel. That little truck was a blast to drive and even back then it got great mileage. Why other countries still have one and the US does not is a wonder. Ford was working on a 4.XL diesel for the F-150 and shelved the idea. States like CA drive manufactures into making engines they think are acceptable. Not always what the public wants to buy. Bring back the Ranger with a diesel and I will be one of the first ones in line to buy it. That is unless Subaru get the Forester diesel here first.
H Smith 05/02/2010
Dustin, I understand your thinking that "Diesels are overrated".

All I can ask is that you support the diesel enthusiasts' opportunity for a choice ... just as we have supported yours.

Besides, if I understand correctly, one of Ford's EU 3L diesels is already rated ~25 mpg(US) combined and Gross Train Weight almost 6,000 kg just in case you are interested.
H Smith 05/02/2010
Ken, I'm not opposed to EcoBoost ... however, my reasoning in favor of diesel is still about 20%~25% better fuel economy compared to EcoBoost ... PLUS the ability to use bio diesel ... maybe DIY bio diesel OR even vegatable oil in a pinch ... say if (when? ... maybe 2016? after world petroleum demand has increased roughly 10% due to all of the NEW vehicles registered in China and India) fuel prices exceed $5~$6/gallon.
Dustin 04/19/2010
Diesels are overrated.

All they need to do is up the power on the base gas 4 cylinder, and make 4.0/5sp/reg cab 4x4's with manual hubs and transfer cases. Solid Axles and lockers. Instead of aiming at making its own niche steal some sales from the Wrangler and other small off roaders.....and whatever you do do NOT use IRS and unibody like on the sport trac, its bad enough honda passes there pile of doo off as a truck.
Blake 04/16/2010
Ken 04/15/2010
The ecoboost has amazing torque and fuel economy like a diesel, but runs on regular gas. Would that work for you or does it have to be diesel? I curious because I like diesel engines but I am excited about the line of ecoboosts.
karl kible 04/15/2010
I find it very surprising that people have been echoing these sentiments for years and yet none of the major manufacturers have taken it seriously.

The line that was so commonly associated with such an idea was "There isn't the demand to justify the development costs of small diesels in the north american market."

Well, judging by the comments on here, there certainly is a demand. Right now the only choice people have in a small diesel car is a volkswagen..... those seem to sell quite well.

A ranger that is sized similar to the current one makes sense too. All the other "compact" pick ups are no longer compact! How could a manufacturer go wrong with a small truck that would handle most customers hauling and towing needs while getting 35mpg highway with a small turbo diesel engine. I've been waiting for the Mahindra pick up for exactly this reason. I'd much rather purchase a truck from Ford than something with unknown quality from India.

Please Ford, take these suggestions seriously. I think if more manufacturers listened to actual customers rather than doing feasability studies and guessing what people want they'd sell alot more vehicles. That said this forum is a great idea and I applaud you for making the effort!
Shane Hosier 04/14/2010
I have been waiting for a small truck with a diesel option. I would love to have a Ranger Diesel, 4X4, 6 speed manual, with a long bed for hauling a motorcycle. I agree with all of the above reply's, if Ford were the first to offer a small pickup with a diesel they will clean house.
Mark 04/14/2010
Couldn't have said it better myself!!!
Joel 04/14/2010
I totally agree. There is no reason for Ford to give up the 'small' trucks market, so first of all don't kill the Ranger. Even for a new F100 as is the rumor.

Also, give it a TDI Diesel. This market is crying out for small powerful modern diesels.
Matt R 04/13/2010
I own a 98 ranger supercab 4.0 5spd 4x4, and I absolutly love it. I love the fact that I have a 6ft bed, i can fit up to 5 people if i need to, and it still handles good and can fit in any parking space. A manual transmission is a must for the new ranger on all of the engines, for economy, reliability, and strength. I would be ok with a unibody, so long as it's plenty stong. There should be an increase in towing and hauling capabilities, reguardless of the frame design. It also needs a solid rear axle. The current ranger is a great vehicle, but it's long overdue for an update. Please don't disappoint me, ford.
John 04/13/2010
I don't care if it is unibody or not as long *as it gets the job done*. Tell the engineers the problem, not the solution you want them to make. :)

I'd like to be able to put two car seats in the rear though!
Les F 04/13/2010
Yes, I agree with everyone in here so far. The Ranger is an amazing truck but it's not advertised anymore and hasn't been updated in ages. There needs to be a new line up of engines, the 2.3 is great but needs a little boost in power in economy. Put the 3.7 v6 in the truck (honestly if the power was about 250-280hp and around 270-280ftlbs torque Ford would knock the Tacoma and Frontier off their pedestals). Give us a small diesel! Also like said, an extra inch or 2 on the cab in length and width would do wonders for some the truck too. A crew cab would be great as well, as long as you could still get a 6' bed. Make an off-road package like the Raptor and you'd kill the competition!
Carl 04/13/2010
I use a pickup for work. I would love to have an efficient Ranger size vehicle. The current Ranger is way too outdated to consider for purchasing. A new Ranger with a diesel or an eco-boost and a 6 foot bed would be sweet. I have had F-150s and Silverados but for the most part, I do not need 300+ horsepower to haul tools and materials.
Trevor M 04/13/2010
I totally agree with this. A freshly-designed Ranger with a small Ecoboost diesel option would be excellent.
Ben 04/13/2010
I agree with almost everything on this page
The Ranger should be:
EcoBoost or EcoNetic (diesel) 4 cyl
3.5 or 3.7 Ti-VCT V6
only a little bit bigger (but still be a compact pick-up)
bring back long bed

I love my 96 4cyl 5spd and always will
there is still a market for this little truck AND MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS
Aaron S 04/13/2010
Been looking around for a small diesel work truck and there's nothing. If there was a manual, diesel, ranger, 4x4 I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Hell I'd buy it even if it only came in pink!
Bobz 04/13/2010
STrong YES for a Diesel Ranger. Same size..not bigger. Updated design. 6 speed auto, 6 ft box King cab. Would trade my Nissan Frontier for it in a minute.
Do NOT want the complexity of a Hybrid.
George in Ohio 04/13/2010
Please redo the Ranger not just stop building it. I feel like a second class customer here in the U.S. when the world has a new Ranger. This size truck let's me drive to work everyday with good gas mileage and then use the truck for projects on the weekend. I need to replace my Mazda pickup and keep hoping your coming out with a new Ranger.
Gas prices nearing $3 dollars and going higher this size truck can be a big hit for Ford. You have a chance to build something special here with your new engines and than engineering updates of a truck that is very old. DO IT!!
Thomas S. 04/13/2010
YES! a SMALL replacement for the Ranger, NOT a mid-size. I can only repeat and enthusiastically endorse what has already been said: not just one, but a variety of eco-boost and diesel options, at least a 6 speed automatic option, and an on or off road suspension option, and at least fwd if not a 4x4.
Perry 04/13/2010
I agree. i would buy 5 right now. I have a construction company and we rarely need an F150. We just need to get people around and small amount of tools and material. A diesel like the jetta would be perfect. I have bought 4 diesel jettas for people that work for me in the last 1.5 years. the Wagon is great sub. for the ranger. I save a car payment each month on gas compared to a f150.
Sunny 04/13/2010
I'm from Canada, I'd LOVE to see a small ranger pickup with crew cab and a diesel. I'm eagerly looking forward to the new Mahindra pickup. But would switch should Ford bring something out.
Daniel B. 04/13/2010
The Ford Ranger, despite being one of the oldest car designs on sale in North America, is actually one of the top three compact pickups in sales; but the smaller pickup truck market in America is very small. Why is this? The only truly small, cheap, efficient (if underpowered) pickup truck on the market right now is the 4-cylinder Ranger; most of its competitors are nearly as big and thirsty (and expensive) as an F-150 or a Silverado - at which pint, you might as well buy a fullsize pickup with greater towing capacity and more personal space.
A new Ranger would fit the bill perfectly. The 1.6 and 2.0 EcoBoost 4-cylinders, and a similarly sized diesel pulled from the European parts bin and Federalized, should offer plenty of torque for a small utility vehicle while returning good fuel economy. There won't be any direct competition either, unless Mahindra gets its act together. I think the current Southeast-Asia-market Ranger would make a good starting point, if it can be modified to fit NHTSA regulations; I think the Australian 2011 model will even offer the 1.6 EcoBoost as an engine option, if I'm not mistaken.
Trent 04/13/2010
I would love to see a new Ranger but nothing to different from the current trucks dimensions. I don't want something in the Tacoma/Frontier/Dakota size. Add a couple inches to the extended cab and maybe 1-2 inches in width as an absolute max. We all love this truck because we can still fit into traffic, parking stalls and our garages like its a car. Keep the truck looks and don't make it look like a cross over and please dont make it unibody! I would love to see a diesel as well but understand in order to make it pass emissions in north America is might not be a reasonably priced option. Please give us a pair or 3 modern engines. Ecoboost 1.6L with around 180hp would be a great base engine with something like the Mustangs 3.7L V6 perhaps tuned more for the lower end with still around 300hp would be perfect. Match them with the same 6speed auto and manuals for either engine. Also allow us buyers to pick either engine in both a regular cab and extended cab and either 2wd or 4wd options. Some of us don't tow but still want the space of the extended cab and the ability to use 4wd without the fuel consumption penalty. That last reason is the reason I haven't bought a new Ranger cause I don't want the 4L V6 in order to get the cab/trim level I want.
Ken 04/13/2010
Combining the advantages of the Eco-boost engine (Torque, efficiency) with a compact truck or SUV would make an excellent vehicle. We love our Escape but have to borrow a full sized truck to tow my boat several times a year. This would have to be real wheel drive and therefore would be going against the latest front wheel drive trend (2012 Explorer). A vehicle like that you could use on an everyday basis without spending a fortune in gas, but be able to load to the max for weekend trips. That combo would make for a excellent compact pick-up and put the utility back into SUV.
Jeremy O 04/13/2010
One thing would be nice is an option for a crew cab. I know there is the explorer sport track but I am a big fan of the European ranger with the diesel and crew cab because it is a truck that can accommodate passengers and not an SUV with a bed.
Justin D. 04/13/2010
I would love to see a new Ranger for the U.S. I've been wanting a Ford Ranger since I was a kid, but the current model's age turned me off. Ecoboost with four-wheel-drive would be great, and add a crew cab and I'd be absolutely ecstatic. If you build it, I will buy it!
Mark 04/13/2010
Having driven a 4cylinder turbo charged diesel ford ranger in South America I was pleasantly surprised at how much power it had and the fuel economy that its owner mentioned that it gave back.

I'd love to see this happen and delivered to us in the US.
Elohr 04/13/2010
Agreed+10..... Come on BlueOval, standout from the Automotive crowd and offer an updated Ranger in it's current size, with the only exception on maybe a crew cab version. Update the powertrain (engine, transmission) and give it some off road abilities or as suggested a Ranger Raptor version. Keep cost in line with the current offering and emphasis fuel economy. We have faith that your listening and will fast track the product to market. Thanks for listening.
Blake 04/13/2010
Yeah - The Ranger sells so well still because it's priced well and gets the best MPG of any of the trucks out there. Not to mention not everyone wants a whopper of a full-size truck in their driveway.
Blake 04/13/2010
If you scour the internet for blogs and forums, you'll see this is probably the most requested feature.

Let's get a diesel Ranger. Preferably a 4 cyl diesel. Offer 4x4 on this and possible a trail package! I have an 08 Ranger, but I'd been in the dealership day one (along with tons of others) if this was built. Don't let Mahindra take all the Ranger owners from your Ford!!!
Gary 04/13/2010
Ford has been pretty smart in the past 6 years or so. The handling of the Ranger has been one of the few blights on that record. This truck should have been updated and modernized 4-5 years ago without bloating its size. In its current size it has NO competition and the fact that its production run was extended (despite its ancient bones) shows there's demand.

Ford. Modernize the Ranger. Offer a Diesel even if you have to borrow it from VW. Offer an EcoBoost 4 cyl. Bring back the Ranger EV even if you have to steal batteries from the Fusion Hybrid. If you want a halo vehicle, offer an SVT version of it with the current Mustang's V6... or just make the EcoBoost 4 the SVT *visions of Ranger VelociRaptor come to mind.*
Jeff 04/13/2010
I understand the feeling that Americans have preconceptions when it comes to diesel, (I would disagree and point to how the % of diesels sold by VW) but the kinda people who would buy a truck "get" diesels. Especially when they could get a small utility truck that gets something like 45mpg and a reasonable towing capacity. It's a completely wide open market and the first one to bring diesels here is going to cash in big time. Hell, I'd consider one as a commuter if the mileage was right.
Greg 04/13/2010
If a new Ranger is coming, it needs to have capabilites well below the F150 so it does not steal sales (leadership) from the F150... hence a light load and tow rating with an EcoBoost 2.0 I4 making 250 HP and torque, 6-speed auto getting 30+ MPG would be ideal...!
Scott 04/13/2010
YES! YES! YES! A new updated Ranger (same size) with smallish diesel. I have been waiting for someone to come out with a small pickup with a diesel. First one gets my money and I would prefer it be Ford and the Ranger.
Rob 04/13/2010
Cant even believe this is an idea as opposed to an option, common already Ford, step up!
Joey 04/13/2010
I have seen them all over the world, except in the USA! Bring them hereand they will sell!
Rick Thomas 04/13/2010
Please keep the Ranger in some form, preferably in a size similar to what it is now. The small diesel sounds great. Love to have something like that in a 4x4 Ranger to go out on trails, all that torque, yes. Also great for towing/hauling ATV's and motorcycles.
Matlock J 04/13/2010
Agreed!! What has happened to trucks today? I have a previous-generation Tundra and think it's a little too big, much less the newest F150/Silverado/Tundra/Titans. I would definitely love to see the return of the small pickup, a la Ranger. Something with a diesel could certainly manage great MPG (see the VW Amarok for proof).
Billy Gilvin 04/13/2010
I agree. The Ranger should stay it's current size. Not everyone needs huge towing capacities and lots of bed room. The current Ranger's 6' bed is great for the average person.

As far as engines go, the new 3.7L V6 in the 2011 Mustang would also be a good option for Ranger.
Ryan 04/13/2010
This is a great idea and something that is echoed by the Ranger enthusiast community. Of course, with the future of the Ranger in North America an uncertainty past 2012, the first challenge for Ford will be to realize the importance of this vehicle and the potential that it holds.

Many Ranger owners have kept their reliable machines for many years and likely a significant portion of those Ranger owners are looking for an upgraded truck with modern features. This however is not present in the Ranger that is being sold today. More fuel efficient and powerful engines is a great start as Steve has mentioned above. Not to mention a few storage enhancements and an upgraded interior to help move a few more trucks.

The strength of the Ranger nameplate is evident by the continually steady sales of the little truck that could. Without a refresh, sales numbers will only stay flat and decline slowly, however a new design (not unibody, please) and a new, up-to-date drive train could really bring Ford's Ranger back to the top of the heap in small truck sales.

Please save the Ranger!
JIM HERRGOTT 04/13/2010
A small diesel and/or diesel hybrid is definitely a great idea for a Ranger pickup described in this idea. As an engineer with automotive (GM), oil company (Marathon), and airplane (Boeing) experience My opinion is that gasoline and coal are fuels of the past. Low volatility (safety) and its compatibility with gasoline handling equipment make diesel the best interim fuel choice we have.
Thanks - this is a great idea.