Diesel much?

By Mark K.

Gee, wouldn't it have been great if Ford F-150 was the first light duty pick up to offer a diesel engine? BMW, Mercedes, and I'm sure Volkswagan have turbo diesels that burn 30% cleaner than gas engines, with more power, torque, and better mileage. I thought for sure when Ford was making such a big deal about all the new engines that were going to be available for the f-150 that they would at least have one diesel to offer. There I go thinking again. :-(
Randy E 01/27/2013
I have a 1990 half ton Suburban with a 6.2l diesel. I get 22mpg with it. I have 221,000 miles on it and it will outlast the body by far, the body is just about done. I absolutely love my Suburban, but I am done with GM after owning other newer GM vehicles. If I get another GM it will be a 1991 or older Suburban. If Ford offered the Expedition EL with a smaller diesel, I would buy one in a heart beat. With the new technology and the new diesel engine choices out there, an Explorer, F150, Expedition, and Expedition EL would be awesome with a diesel, better fuel mileage and more dependable.
John B 01/07/2013
Ford has the diesel in the Ranger in Mexico and Central America. I am in API WITH MANY PEOPLE THAT HAVE THEM , THEY LOVE THEM! When can we get them in the USA?
brad a 01/07/2013
Agreed. John, I see you on many of these posts with the same info....which is awesome! I love the idea of a 4.4 L V8 diesel!
James B 12/11/2012
Wouldn't it be nice if we could get the new 5 cyl powerstroke scheduled for the new van, in the F150 or Expedition or Navigator I would be one of the first in line to get one
John 12/06/2012
I think the hold up is that diesels are thought to be too large, heavy and expensive for 1/2 tons. But Mazda's Skyactiv diesel technology may hold a solution. Lowering the compression ratio compared to conventional diesels allows for a less costly and lighter engine (aluminum block), meets emissions requirements without diesel exhaust fluid, and output and efficiency compares well to conventional diesels. Look at the specifications for the 2.2 liter inline 4 and imagine if the technology was used for a 4.4 liter V-8! No competitor would match Ford, these technologies are patented, the engine would be higher revving and drive more like a HO gas engine. HP would be a bit less than 3.5L ecoboost but its torque would blow it away.
Scott S 11/16/2012
Its about the emissions a smaller truck would be a great market . Personal favorite would be the crew cab sport truck with a 4-5 cylinder inline diesel
Justin L 11/12/2012
This is what is needed, the eco boost is nice but diesel is better! Don't understand why this hasn't already been done unless it's politics.