Diesel Ford Ranger

Please bring back the Ford Ranger! Please have an available 4cyl diesel engine with manual transmission. Diesel engines are known for their longevity and fuel efficiency. It also takes less processes to make diesel fuel.

It's time that America has an American Made small truck with a diesel engine and manual transmission.
Farmboy 05/21/2014
some people put 150hp skid steer engines in ford rangers but the transmition can't take the vibration of the diesel engine. i would buy one make in the factory if it was built
Ian G 11/16/2012
The ONLY reason that I wanted to buy a Ford was the diesel Ranger with manual transmission. Nice job losing a sale!
John M 09/24/2012
I've got 2 VW Jetta diesels. They're economical and peppy. I'd love to have the option of owning an American made Ranger w/diesel, and don't forget the manual transmission
Matt B 05/10/2012
I'd buy one tomorrow. Maybe I'll just build one.
Orion R 05/01/2012
I cant believe it, why wouldnt you sell a diesel Ranger to Americans where ford was born? Just because it resembles the f-150 too much? thats insane bring it over to the us, even call it the f-150 if you like, i see ford rangers everywhere i know they would sell.
Joseph R 03/15/2012
Just give us the new Ranger w/diesel like the rest of the world gets and I'll be happy! And don't leave out the manual transmission!
Bill McKinley 02/08/2012
Don't give us excuses! If the German manufactures can make diesels work, why can't Detroit?
Jon K 01/28/2012
I've often wondered why Europe gets small turbo diesels and we don't. I drove a VW Rabbit Diesel for over 200,000 miles in my earlier life and know that the US is missing the boat on this.
Joseph Little 01/28/2012
I know guys that have been wanting one of these forever. I have even heard of a ship captain bringing one of them back from south america.
David Duggan 01/26/2012
"A 21-gallon diesel fuel tank provides a possible range of 620 miles. In a recent mileage test conducted by Ford, we’re told a 2.2-liter Ranger got a class-best 990 miles before it ran out of fuel."
David Duggan 01/26/2012
Ford has a New 2012 Turbo-Diesel 4Cylinder Ranger that gets over 40mpg hwy. The rest of the world gets it but not the U.S.
Curtis Houck 01/26/2012
Folks can have those diesels with their costly ancillary devices . Carefull what you wish for kinda thing.
And make sure the ranger stays small, dont supersize it like they did the tacoma and everything else