Diesel F150

By Jeff K.

Please consider building an F150 with a reasonably sized diesel engine. I own two diesel automobiles, both of which are extremely driveable (I drove one cross country and back, a total of 10,000 miles) and yet average more than 40 miles per gallon in real world driving. A diesel F150 would be a perfect choice for someone like me who is concerned about fuel economy but does not want to sacrifice pulling power. A diesel would also permit the use of bio fuels that should become more available once our country realizes the clean burning renewable nature of this type of fuel.
BT 07/02/2012
Why did Ford delay this program? They had at least one mule running around logging miles with the 4.4L PowerStroke used in the Land Rover? Technology is and has been there for several years now. Buyers are willing to pay a premium for that kind of long-term durability and reliability and TORQUE! (Think 2013 F150 Limited exclusivity.) Every time I ask a Ford rep they shy away from responding... Fuel prices dropped from $5/gal? Who cares, still worth it long term. I can't hang on to my 15 yr old Lariat much longer.
andrew 02/20/2012
i would buy f-150 diesel today. I don't need a 250 or 350 truck to get to work an back or to pull my small boat. fuel economy in my03 f-150 is killg me.
Bill McKinley 02/08/2012
Ditto. Seems it shouldn't be that hard to lop off two cylinders from the Powerstroke and be able to use many of the same parts in both.
Jason Frels 02/07/2012
I live in Texas, where trucks are kind of a big deal. I have know guys who will buy a Super-Duty or HD just to get a diesel engine, because they want the sound and status of it, I suppose. It would seem like a smaller, inline 6 turbo-diesel would be a no-brainer for an F150. People would pay more, just because it's a diesel, I think.
Robin Seger 02/03/2012
I have to agree as well. would like to see diesel engines available in most of the ford line up.
Curtis Houck 02/02/2012
More diesel automobiles than currently offered will just drive up demand and price per gallon . The actual ancillary devices it takes to meet EPA requirements price me out of the used market even. I read about one such emmission related non warranty repair that cost 7200usd . That was another brand vehicle but still , it goes back to it doesn't matter if it gets better MPG if and or when diesel fuel prices hit the roof. Diesel price per gallon is already a good bit more than gasoline is currently.
Isaac Johnson 02/01/2012
Agreed. If Ford were to integrate their engineering excellence into a diesel engine, the result would be another breakthrough in the automotive industry beyond that of the ecoboost engines.