Diesel F150

Since gas prices are still high and even though the eco-boost is a great new engine, the f 150 needs a diesel engine it will get in the mid 20 miles per gallon and will have a very long longevity. With a longer longevity more people will want to own this truck. They might not want to have the bigger diesel engine and larger truck but a good strong smaller diesel truck.
K936B. TCE 06/17/2013
its about time sombody made an affordable Diesel pickup in the US. Europe now sell more than 50% of new vehicles with Diesels and they see 35-50 MPG numbers and low emissions
James B 01/26/2013
the 5cyl diesel coming in the new van would be perfect for the f150 and expedition and navigator
John C 12/02/2012
I think diesels in 1/2 tons are thought to be too costly and heavy to gain wide acceptance in the marketplace. An unorthodox solution may be to utilize Mazda's Skyactiv diesel technology. Using compression ratios much lower than conventional diesels may allow for lighter engines with significantly lower manufacturing costs. The lower compression ratio allows for cooler cumbustion and may meet emissions requirements without using diesel exhaust fluid. Output and efficiency compare very well to competitive diesels. New 2.2L Skyactive inline 4 diesel is rated at 174 HP and 310 Ft/Lbs. Imagine a 3.3L inline 6 or V-6, or a 4.4L V-8 diesel with Skyactiv technology! Higher HP than conventional diesels and higher revving nature would provide driving experience similar to a H.O. gas engine. With many of the patents Mazda has on Skyactiv technology Ford would be unmatched by any of their competitors for years. A real game changer, playing QUANTUM leap frog!!
Chuck R 11/20/2012
A diesel engine in the 3.5 to 4.0 liter would be great. Combining that with the reduction in weight expected for the 2014 model year, would be a great truck and a huge seller
Chanthavy l 11/19/2012
Diesel pickup truck are popular in aisa country and sell demand of big pick up in asia so high.
Scott S 11/14/2012
not everybody needs a tow vehicle to replace a tractor I would like to see the F150 with a crew cab and a regular box with a mid performance Diesel