Diesel engines/Hybrid

I'm hoping for a Diesel hybrid....mainly to run an alternator to power the car plus batteries so the engine doesn't have to run all the time....The Diesel could be tuned for --say 1,800 rpm to get the most efficiency from it....
Waves N 10/02/2012
Volvo already sells one, or did, they sold every unit before the car even made it to teh showroom floor.
Ford already has the diesel in EU, gets 87mpg, now if they would connect that to an electric hybrid, wow...
Now if we could get the coal companies to make number 2 fuel like they do in Australia, which is cleaner than what the US sells at the pump, then we could get some where.
Dennis T 03/26/2012
My hope is that Ford will listen. The technology is here to do-away with gasoline, or at least kick to curb considerably. With computer monitoring, inverters and other electronics, a generator/w brushless AC motors sould power the vehicles Ford makes TODAY. Get away from the giant OIL lobbyists and government subsidized OIL companies and do what is right for the planet. RE-prioritze, please