Diesel Engines economy

In Europe ALL the auto manufactures use high performance diesel engine to acheive excellent fuel mileage results AND performance at the same time.

Why not add the engines developed by Ford of Europe and Ford of Austrailia to the engine line up of each of the NOW world cars Ford has developed.
Brian Langston 06/14/2011
Ford has invested $72 million to increase production of the Duratorq diesel engine in India. I have read reports that said it would be too expensive for Ford to invest in bringing the diesel engines here. I can't figure out why they will not bring them here. Ford is really missing out in what the market is wanting in their vehicles.
Blake Howe 06/10/2011
John, you're right on. Toyota wants $7k-$10k to replace the batteries on a new prius at 100kmi. I may to have to buy a VW because they are the only car company that offers a inexpensive diesel. VW can't keep them in the showrooms they are so popular!
Not sure about the long term reliability of the VW though, that's what scares me about it.

Now if Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota were to bring a diesel over I wouldn't hesitate. The first company to do so will have a huge success with it.
John-Paul Phillipp 06/01/2011
I couldn't agree more. Why buy a hybrid with the extra cost of the batteries, which cost a fortune to replace, when you can get it all with a clean diesel engine. Better yet, use biodiesel fuel. I may buy a VW because nobody else offers an affordable diesel car in the US.