Diesel engine options

I want a diesel option in the F150 with a REAL manual transmission be it 5, 6, 7 speed geared the right way{4.10, 3.73, 3.55, 3.31} electronic locking. From what i've been reading none of the other manufactures will offer a true manual transmission? Find a Diesel engine that can fit multiple vehicles to keep cost down - put into Super Duty as option.

I know Ford has a 3.2L inine 5 - that will work in multipe vehicles put as option in F250 like the old Ford Custom with manual transmission roll up windows, seats, cruise, heater, ac work truck and sell for less than $30,000.

Read article that the new Cummins going into Nissan Titan will cut 119 million barrels of oil from US consumption per year - that's just ONE motor.
John B 01/14/2014
I think a diesel F150 is a must with ram, nissan, and possibly toyota building a diesel.
Zach M 12/26/2013
I think this is a great idea also. Maybe even make a 4-something liter V6 for the F150.
Mallory C 05/23/2013
I also would love to buy a manual transmission diesel! You are not alone.
Robert R 04/08/2013
This is a great idea. Please listen to the customers.