Diesel cars

By Dana V.

I know the American public has much apprehension but the rest of the world readily accepts them. Public relations I say and lots of it. No one has told the story yet. My '06 Fusion is still going strong at almost 100K but I;m not buying another until you make diesels..PLEASE
Sandra 02/25/2013
OMG, I live in Switzerland and I would love to buy a Ford Edge Sport. But just in DIESEL, because in Switzerland it`s hard to drive a 3.5l Benzin Car! I hope so much, that Ford brings a DIESEL at the Ford Edge Model- i will be the first who buy this car!!!Please, Please, Please! :-)
Kurt G 02/23/2013
Is it so difficult to bring over some of the engines from the Mondeo to be placed in the Fusion? Ford makes some great diesels and to think we might all want poorly recycling hybrids is buying into the American Green Hype.
Jon W 02/18/2013
I dont know why you guy at Ford dont put a diesel in your cars. Volkswagen does it and they have really good sales on their Jetta's. So do us a favor and listen to your loyal consumers and start putting diesel engines in your cars. Deffinantlly in the mustang just because that would just be awsome to see.
Dave C 02/15/2013
I would like a 2.0 L diesel 6 spd manual in a Fusion SE with heated seats so there would be a US car like the VW
Edward M 02/14/2013
Diesel all-wheel drive.