Diesel Atlas

I love the new Atlas concept but it just needs the 3.2-liter I5 Power Stroke diesel engine from the 2014 Transit to be perfect!
Marty C 12/12/2013
I'm a diehard Ford guy but I just went to look at the 2014 Ram which will have a 3.0 Turbo Diesel next month. I'm seriously looking at it since it's less than a similarly equipped Lariat with EcoBoost.
josh 09/02/2013
id like to see a diesel option in the atlas. it would be the next gen of half ton truck. i for one would not pass that up.
Josh S 03/19/2013
Diesel would be a great option to a half ton Ford Pickup. It would be a top seller if it was able tow up to 8500 lbs and get up to 25 mpg hwy. I think we need to take a more utilitarian direction with our pickup trucks. Electronics and gadgets can be nice, but lets not forget the fact that the main point of a truck is to be able to move whatever it is you are moving from point A to point B. If we can do this as efficiently as possible it would be beneficial to everyone.
Brian G 03/15/2013
The diesel option is good if it gives you a good return, assuming the diesel engine option is more expensive than the gasoline engine. I would definitely like to see the specifications of a I5 in a vehicle of this size.
roy b 03/11/2013
great idea
roy b 03/11/2013
i need a built-in side step for my short-bed as i cannot reach my fifth-wheel hitch without getting out a stool
roy b 03/11/2013
atlas needs a built-in retractable box cover that you can stop anywhere and still drive.
roy b 03/11/2013
i also would like to have the diesel