John has a great idea, but you just need a smaller diesel engine, 2.3-2.5L tdi. you will have awesome gas mileage. depending on driver w/ 6 gears, 32-38 mpg and that's US gallons. They need to have a sliding door on left and right side, on all models of the new ford transit (Not the connect). For best results of miles per gallon, always shift below 2K rpm and at top gear, do not go above 2k rpm. Sorry, spoiled by European model fords.
John M 01/29/2014
Ford has a great selection of diesels available today!  The Econetic line is available all over Europe, but you can't have it here.  I'd love to know why.  The Econetic Fiesta gets 87mpg!
Bill H 08/16/2013
Ford needs more diesel options in their cars. In June I rented a diesel Focus in Scotland and it was a great car, quiet with plenty of pep, and mileage between 50 and 60 mpg in cities and on the road.