Why cant there be a Diesel Model F-150 with a 4 cylinder diesel motor in it. Say a 3.0L 4 cylinder and get amazing mileage and having an extremely torquey and would get even better mileage? I have seen that in other markets there are diesel models of the ranger.
Christina Duffy 06/22/2011
would my next purchase.
Brian Langston 06/19/2011
@ JP Slaga, if you find a spec site about the Bronco concept it did say that it had a diesel engine in it. I would have loved to see some mpg numbers that it could have put out. Not to mention what it could climb with the torque from a diesel engine. Diesels are available in other countries but I can not see why it is witheld from the U.S. market.
david harpe 06/17/2011
Actually, i think a diesel or even hybrid option in the Ranger would be a big seller. I rarely haul stuff in my little Tacoma so a hybrid in a small truck would suit me fine. I'd trade in tomorrow if Ford did that.
jp slaga 06/16/2011
Absolutely, ford should have a diesel version of the F150 and while they are at it roll out that Ford Bronco concept with a diesel. Certainly Ford learned a few things about 4x4 off road when they had Land Rover. Why can't Ford be the "Land Rover" of the USA