Why are manufacturers working so hard on hybrids when Diesel seems both mmore green, and more of a long term answer to petro independence. How about a 60 mpg Focus with a small turbo diesel?
Brian Langston 06/13/2011
The head of Ford Global decided that Americans do not want diesels. How we get that idea out of his head I have no clue. I would love the new Explorer with a diesel that gets around 30 mpg's. Of course it would be first in its class and tops in mpg! Think of what #'s it could get in an F150!
Kevin Finlay 06/02/2011
Why are they coupling batteries with crummy small gas motors. Can we get a diesel hybrid. Lots of torque plus tons of MPGs. Trains use them to haul freight. Why can't we use them to haul people?
Ward Souders 06/01/2011
Why stop at the Focus? VW can get great mileage across their range by dropping in a diesel! Americans are ready for a solution that Ford already has for the rest of the world, just refuses to bring here!