Diesel engines are a great way to increase fuel economy. I think they should be put in nearly every kind of car, truck and SUV in the Ford lineup. Ford has a Euro Ranger with a 2.5 Liter Turbo Diesel Engine that gets 30MPG on the highway! You want a Ranger with class leading fuel economy, plus tons of torque for a small pickup?! It sounds so easy to me. The Focus, Fusion, and F150 could all utilize this idea as well, increase torque and really ramp up fuel economy numbers.
Angel 05/26/2010
On a Mustang brochure, I read that torque was the key for the Mustang's acceleration. If they were to develop an appropriately sized diesel engine for the Mustang wouldn't it help to keep the car's remarkable acceleration AND also give it great fuel economy?
Frank R 05/21/2010
Diesel engines would offer a nice boost to achieve compliance with new CAFE numbers form the FED's. The old image of diesel's being slow, noisy and smelly has gone away as engineering has caught up with the times and low sulphur fuel has become the norm. We are also far enough removed the disaster of the 1980's GM diesels that really injured the concept for US automakers. I saw offer diesel engines as options in the top 5 or 6 selling vehilces as a guage for potential full roll-out.