Cylinder Management technology in ECO-BOOST

This is just a question i wanted 2 ask. Lets say the Focus gets 4.8 L/100 HWY or say 59 MPG HWY would that number change if you were to put a smaller or bigger tank on the Focus or would the number not change at all. I was also wondering if you are still working with Mazda or if you still have a stake in Mazda and if so did you have anything 2 do With Building SKY-Active or a hand in developing that tech. Now the cylinder management idea lets say u put that in the ECO-BOOST V-6 for the F-150 so it would shut down 1 or 2 cylinders tell the truck needs more power then 1 or both cylinders come back on but you would know better how that works. By the way i heard that it increases fuel economy by 20% but you probably knew that.
Colby D 03/09/2014
id like it in the f250, for when you're on the highway and dont need all of the v8.
Nestor R 12/02/2012
No a largr tank doesn't increase fuel economy, but it does increase range (the total miles you can drive till empty). And yes Ford owns Mazda, but only a 15% stake, and no rights to the Sky-Active technology. Now I think cylinder deactivation would be great, especially if Ford mass-produced something similar to HP2g's systems.