cvt transmission

First of all i heard theirs a new 2015 taurus that will be available and was wondering if thats the case would u have pictures of it that u could send me if u dont mind thanks. About the CVT transmission iv'e seen the new altima and accord they have it and it seems to make a differance so was wondering if u r going 2 offer it in lets say the fusion or even if the rumors r true about the new taurus offer it in their also cause it looks like that improves fuel economy. i was also wondering about the 1.0l eco boost engine its suppose 2 throw out the same power as 1.6l eco boost so the 1.0l should work in the fusion than shouldn't it ? if so couldn't u do cylinder deactavation tech 2 turn one cylinder of at cruizing speed on the 1.6l eco boost 2 give it the efficiency of the 1.0l eco boost.