Cut Mahindra off at the pass; Ranger Tdi

Ford has built the Ranger into an awesome product. It is currently the only true small truck sold in the US. Almost all cabs sell well. If you put the asian sourced Ford Tdi in it, you would sell them like freaking hot cakes! Americans like the aspect of a small truck for communting and function. A small Tdi truck would prove Ford to be 'green minded' and it would allow a (relatively) simple engine swap to continue the Ranger line. If you crate sold the motors in the US you might find that they sell well too. Soon Mahindra will enter the US market. It's not a question of 'will they', it's 'when they'. Chicken tax aside, they'll provide a rudimentary small truck with a roomy cab, a 2500 lb. carry capacity, and a Tdi running about 38 mpg for about $25-30K. Without too much work, Ford could cut this off at the pass. Ford has already forged the relationship with International to produce the Powerstrokes, the only problem I forsee is the ability of Ford to get Int'l to build a small Tdi due to Int'ls burgeoning relationship with Mahindra.

I personally know a slew of people who'd be very interested in this type of vehicle. It would be nice to see Ford beat the competition to the field.
Chris Bennett 01/10/2011
Look at the 2011 Ranger in Ford Austrailia
Bill Gabbard 12/23/2010
Build a new Samller Ranger like the older ones! With a small high tech engine
Don Wade 12/17/2010
I totally agree. North Americans are just now becoming aware of the new generation of turbo diesels. Now would be a great time for Ford to bring theirs here.
Benjamin 12/16/2010
An avilable option of the Ecoboost 2.0 would also be cool for the Ranger.