Create Hydrogen Hybrid using Browns Gas

Supplement gasoline engine with electrolysis module to produce Brown's Gas from water.

This will increase level of hydrogen in air going to engine enabling more efficient combustion process -> lower gasoline usage / improve MPG, reduce emissions, but without losing power.

As gasoline is still the primary fuel, there is no 'range anxiety' that you get with pure electric vehicles. But this approach can lead to significant improvements in MPG.

The improved combustion process more than offsets the power required to power the electrolysis module.
I'd like to see a company (of any kind) invest in windmills in remote locations that can use well water to make hydrogen (either for use directly or manipulated to create other fuels). The High Plains could generate a multitude of fuel without needing to be hooked into the grid and use considerably less water than what it takes to grow Corn Ethanol. it seems like a better idea than buying carbon credits.
Aaron M 09/06/2012
This would be great, especially if computer is tied into it. Would be more gain in MPG than us do-it yourselfer.
David B 08/29/2012
I have seen this idea floating around for some time now and have viewed demonstrations. Will Ford or any major auto maker commit to producing vehicles with this tech?