converting to hybrid

By Eric S.

I know that there are kits convert cars to hybrid power.  I have a 2002 Ford Windstar that I get between 21 and 25 miles per gallon and I would never buy a vehicle from another company.  I think that Ford should offer conversion kits for its customers.  Actually if you did I would trade my minivan in for a F150 or F250.  I am a lifelong fan of Ford. 
Dennis T 09/01/2013
Go further, do a Series Hybrid.  Small ICE, 1.6L or smaller, to turn a generator to recharge batteries and power electric Drive Motors.  This concept would use less fuel.  The ICE would be tuned to run at an efficient RPM to turn the Generator to recharge batteries and power electric motors.  Please, Ford, do this for the planet and for customers who want to use less fuel.