Continuous power for plug-ins

Electric generators around the axle that would supply a continuous cycle of recharge to a dual battery system that could allow even large trucks and suvs to get great gas mileage.
Dennis T 08/24/2012
A EVs (Electric Vehicles) range needs to be longer. I did a Bing search on 'electric motors' and Siemens came up. I was educated about the difference between 'Parallel Hybrid' and 'Serial Hybrid'. 'Parallel' uses the combustion engine exclusively to turn a transmission for power to the wheels: it only uses the electric drive motors to get the vehicle moving or sustain a low MPH. 'Serial Hybrid' uses electric motors "exclusively" to drive the vehicle and the combustion engine is used to drive a generator to power the electric motors and re-charge batteries. Diesel-Electric trains do this very well. The "combustion engine" could be a small power plant that uses fuel cell tech, or Natural Gas, or gasoline then engine size does not have to large. The electric motor has a lot of torque so it can handle any load or any application. Siemens has been around and produced electric motors since the late 1800s. Ford and Siemens could combine: Ford engines and vehicles with Siemens electric motors, controllers and other electronics to produce a planet loving vehicle product.
Rrmurali R 08/17/2012
already available in the latest cars
James Schwalbach 08/15/2012
its a good idea i like but why not have it in the rearend axel houseing for luberication from the rearend axel lube to keep it cool and less friction