Constant Charge

By John S.

I have been watching from afar the progress of major auto manufacturers in the areas of electric vehicles for years . The most obvious question one must ask automakers is what are you waiting on????????????? America and the rest of the world is waiting for a vehicle that charges itself as it motivates down the road. You know, a vehicle that utilizes its moving parts to constantly charge its battery so we don't require a plug in recharge station or extra expense to charge the vehicle as it motivates along the roadway. There are dozens of systems that constantly rotate when the vehicle is in motion all of which would serve as a platform for constant velocity charging therefore increasing the mileage capacity to unlimited. Do yo think there might be a market for a vehicle that could operate at great distances at little or no cost to the owner?????????
chris mobley 01/08/2011
john i submitted something close to what you said also. why cant the electric car have some type of alternator or costant velocity to recharge??or the use of surge tehnology??? Nikola Tesla had a electric car in the late 1920s. i guess big oil will not allow us to get ride of them and our government is making us be more dependant on oil.we have the know how to do all this. but who has the courage to do it???
chris mobley 01/08/2011
Comment on this idea!
John Seay 01/03/2011
John, you are a smart man!