CNG refilling

By Jr S.

Onboard compressor to accept gas line in from home Natural Gas service to refil the tank of a CNG vehicle in your garage and never need to make a trip to a filling station except on long trips.
Justin Gallen 05/31/2011
Ford is losing money every time someone buys a Honda GX. When will they learn?
Jonathan Hayes 02/14/2011
This idea only addresses part of the NG infrastructure problem. It would be much more efficient to have CNG pumps at convenience stores, and at your home if you wanted to install one. I believe in CNG as a fuel - it is used in Europe, Korea, and India. In fact some companies offer dual fuel vehicles that have a CNG tank & a gas tank for true fuel flexability - not like the flexibal choice GM gives to expensive ethenol.
Brian Langston 01/25/2011
I don't know much about cng vehicles. I do know Honda makes a natural gas civic that I believe is sold in California. If America has so much nat gas, I don't see why we don't use it in our vehicles. That could instantly lower our oil consumption. Plus, imagine the convenience of filling up at home in the garage rather than out in the cold weather or even the rain!