By Dan S.

Compressed Natural Gas hybrid vehicles are the way of the future. CNG is domestically produced, half the price of gasoline, and is clean burning. The U.S. now has the technology to tap this domestic resource. Similar to the early Prius, California will provide an incentive in the way of a car pool lane pass, to all purchasers of this vehicle. California has always been out front on environmental legislation. Honda already has a CNG vehicle and if they're smart they'll come out with a hybrid CNG. Your CNG hybrid vehicle would be just one other Ford Focus model. (Similar tot he way Honda offers the Civic GX). Look at the growth of the Honda natural gas vehicle over the last 2 years. DON'T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD A UNIQUE VEHICLE FORD!

Thank you.
John P 10/18/2012
I love Ford, although, I do not think that it has what it takes to produce and get such a disruptive car to market in a timely fashion when considering all the forces against it. And if it can, the CNG distributors, like Chesapeake in my town of Dover, will rack up the prices to some egregious amount ($3.09 | 10/18/12) that the cost benefit is almost non existent.

I wish I wasn't so cynical but I guess its just a result of following the alternative industry for as long as I have. If you save money in one area, like fuel, big oil and the government feel the pinch, as a result prices increase and new taxes are introduced to match or exceed the living wage (the price your willing to pay).
Alan W 05/17/2012
The problem with CNG is you need a large tank under high presure to get any kind of milage. What a better use for a hybrid! This of course puts the gas companys out of business. Guess who runs this country???
John M 03/11/2012
Please make a cng FOCUS! !!!!!!!
Troy Norton 02/18/2012
I want a CNG hybrid. Too bad there is no place to buy one now. Less than 1/2 the price of gas per gallon... we are producing enough natural gas in this country to give us more energy independence. CNG burns cleaner and is healthier.
Steven Boussom 06/30/2011
The CNG car would be a paradigm shift and make FORD a lot of money. I would make the necessary budget shift to buy a CNG car and allowing it to also use regular gas would be good until there is enough availability at outside CNG stations.
Chris Thompson 06/02/2011
A C-MAX ENERGI powered by compressed natural gas would be a long awaited dream-come-true, and a technological tour-de-force for Ford that would show me that the company was truly innovative and forward thinking enough for me to finally return home to them. IF Ford builds this, they will come...we will come...everybody will come. You can put my wife and me down for two and at least twice that from our family and friends, just to start !
Brian Clark 05/24/2011
why not,cng and a hybrid sound good.i wondered why prius was not powered with something other than gas.