CNG Ford Focus for America

Here is what you can buy in Europe today:

Ford Focus CNG (bi-fuel)

Consumption: 6 kg/100 km
Range: 280 km CNG +770 km petrol
Engine Power: 124 hp
Emission Standard: Euro 5
CO2: 163 g/km

What about a transit connect CNG?
michael m 09/06/2012
Come on Ford, CNG now for the masses. You should have continued the Crown Vic line in CNG form, 5 passenger cars with large CNG tanks in the trunk. Smooth, quiet,safe ride, half the price of gasoline and you would have kept the Taxi and Police business.
Sal Undy 08/26/2011
You know you can get your car converted to CNG or LPG or E85, but it costs 1,000 to 1,500.
I'm not even sure if Ford EU makes them CNG or LPG, I think it's only dealers offering the service, so there's no sense in bothering Ford here with that matter.
jim 07/08/2011
when will we be able to buy a passenger cng vehicle for the same price as a gasoline fueled car?