CNG and the modern Hot Rod.

Why does Ford not offer compressed natural gas ( CNG) cars? The Mustang GT would be the first CNG muscle car produced by an American company. Honda has the new CNG Civic on the market while Ford is standing around with their hands in their pockets not listening to the American people. Honda also has at home pumps called "Phill" to refill your CNG tanks on your car at home. What are you doing Ford? Why not use the technology at hand to your advantage and to the advantage of the American people? There are even Ford Conversion vans for sale on Ebay that are CNG.

Ed K 04/16/2013
I'm very frustrated that Ford isn't on the cutting edge of CNG. Honda is the only Co. that offers a CNG vehicle. Is it because Ford just doesn't know how to do it? I don't think so! Just do it Ford.....Please!!! & bring back the Ranger & WOW offer it in a CNG!!!!!!!
John Jolly 01/01/2012
I would prefer Liquid Propane. Roush Performance has been offering Ford trucks with Liquid Propane. Mother's Wax built a monster prostreet car for the power tour with a realy nice fuel tank from New Zealand. Lot of infrastructure in place, very clean, & easy to convert.