Cloth Seats

By Brad B.

Well I did it ! I ordered myself a C-Max Hybrid SE. One thing stopped me from going to the SEL Trim Level. That was the leather seats. My 2011 Fusion SEL has leather seats and in the past two summers we'd leave the Fusion home and drive the Escape which has cloth seats. So with that being said please offer the C-Max SEL in the future with cloth seats as you did with the Fusion Hybrid. I don't think I'll be the only one wanting cloth seats. I normally trade every two years, maybe the 2015 C-Max SEL will have a premium cloth seat option.
robert m 10/04/2013
I have a 2013 Focus and to get all the bells and whistles I was forced to get the leather seats. I hate them. I am thin so is slide around when tuirning. I could not get comfortable and tried all sorts of things to sit on. I was ready to trade it with less than 2000 miles. I finally put a foam pad for my seat and back. How hard is it to offer clothe seats? Make it my Ford and options not Fords forcing the options on us.
Francis 01/27/2013
I agree! Try sitting on leather seats wearing shorts in the summer time:) Arizona
Ross S 01/08/2013
Ford, listen up! People have been calling for premium cloth seats for a long time now. Cloth seats need to bee offered for every package for every vehicle you make. PLEASE!