Cloth Fabric Seats for the 2013 Fusion and C-Max Energi

I'm sold on the idea of electric commuting! Unfortunately, from the new C-Max Energi configurator, I notice the lack of available fabric seats - the only option is leather. I'm told by your chat consultant that the same will hold true for the new Fusion Energi.

I find leather seating too hot, sticky, and overly expensive. Please also consider the green vegetarian types among the potential market segment of folks who would like to lower their carbon footprint, and would rather choose cloth interiors on their plug-in vehicles.

Please offer cloth seats as an option on the Energi models! Today! Thanks.
timothy moffett 07/30/2014
Comment on this !Tim M The pass. seat sets to low and is not comfortable for short people. Leather seats are hot, and sticky. Why not a cloth power seat for the passengers. Then i can put her head on the ceiling.
Mike 12/19/2013
I agree. I've just given up on getting an Energi because of the leather.
jennifer eckart 11/16/2013
Ford has been doing an exceptional job with the design of their vehicles, both inside and out. One thing that I think they are overlooking is the fact that many people are tactile. We have strong preferences of the materials that we want touching our skin. I will never buy a car with leather seats, just as I will never buy a leather recliner for my family room. I will also not buy a car with cheap fabric that does not feel soft against my skin or will stain easily. Interior car fabric and driver seat comfort is once of the most important things I consider in a car, even more important than gas mileage. Please offer a high quality, plush fabric option for every car if you are interested in me buying one. Are you listening, Ford?
Dale G 09/12/2013
I have been researching the Fusion Energi model the past few months towards a possible purchase in the near future. It appears to have many features and meets many of the needs (primary being fuel economy and economy of operation) my next car purchase must have. BUT, it appears that it only comes with LEATHER covered seats. I HATE LEATHER covered seats. Leather covered seats have always been "sticky" in warm and hot weather conditions. I do not want or need every possible option under the sun to try and make leather seats "comfortable" to sit. They will still be LEATHER seats, and I HATE LEATHER COVERED seats. Ford should make CLOTH covered seats (of HIGH quality long wearing material) standard equipment on this and ALL the models including their pickups and make it a one line option on the ordering charts for those customers who think they like/ or want  leather covered seating,  WITHOUT tying the purchase of leather seats to some other "luxury" package that has seven other items listed also. when I really only wanted two of the items out of the seven anyway. WILL ANYONE AT FORD ACTUALLY HEAR WHAT I AM SAYING TODAY??  The Ford Fusion Energi model is possibly the best engineered vehicle that Ford has put on the market in many, many years and a lot of consumers MIGHT buy one. BUT I WILL NOT BE ONE THOSE BUYERS, UNTIL SOMEONE IN THE MARKETING DEPARTMENT GETS SMARTER AND MAKES GOOD CLOTH COVERED SEATING STANDARD EQUIPMENT AGAIN. (Just in case you are wondering, I have only ever driven or owned Ford products for the past 47 years, so I like Fords. But any time I rode in or drove some one else's vehicle [other manufacturers] that had vinyl [years ago] or leather covered seating, I HATED everything about the experience. Over the years I have also taken test drives in new Ford units that leather seating. I didn't like the leather seating. If I purchased a unit over the years, it had CLOTH covered seats. I remember one salesman in particular who I just could not convince/get him to understand. He had quoted a decent price on the unit with leather seats, compared to other dealers in the area and I said no, I am not interested. So he says , he will lower the price $500.00. I say, Not interested. Salesman says, If we lower the price another $500.00, can we close this deal today. That's the best price you are ever going to see on this model. I told him that I did not care how much he lowered the price, I did not want that unit and would NEVER want that unit because it had LEATHER seats. He just looked at me in disbeleif for passing up what he thought was a great deal. He had not yet learned that the customer IS RIGHT, whether you think so or not.      ARE YOU LISTENING,  FORD  !?!?!????
Thoi P 05/06/2013
Yes, this vegan agrees with the poster and just about all the comments!
Tom I 04/19/2013
Leather seats only on the energi are a deal breaker for both my wife and myself. Leather is not comfortable in a car until it reaches something close to body temperature in cold weather, and doesn't breath in the summer, making it hotter than cloth. It is ridiculous to not offer cloth, especially on an ecologically friendly car. Who is the marketing "genius" who came up with this plan? We like the energi, but you're sabotaging your marketing of it Ford.
Jim 03/30/2013
I couldn't agree more. I'm ready to buy. But not with leather.
Gilles F 03/14/2013
I am looking for a replacement for my 2005 Prius. I really like the C=Max Energi but will not buy a car with dead cows seats. If Ford doesn't change it's mind, I may have to go with the Prius PHV.
Chad 01/08/2013
It is counter intuitive and not logical to only offer leather on a plug in hybrid. The seat heaters required to warm them in the freezing winter and a/c needed to cool them in the blazing heat is a real drain on the power which could be used more efficiently for driving. Isn't that the point to get the most range possible? Ford I want to support you but your competition has better smarts. Sorry but I just pressed the delete on your Energi models.
Ross S 10/29/2012
I would take this a step or two further. Don't limit the cloth seats to only hybrids or electric vehicles. Make them available in all vehicles and all option packages. I am no vegan or vegetarian, but I will not buy a vehicle that has leather seats. Living in Texas, I am tired of burning my bum every time I get in the car when the temperature gets above 80(which around here is about nine months out of the year)!
Ross S 10/26/2012
Not just the Energi models, but ALL models. There is no reason to limit upholstery choices to only leather.
chuckokie 10/08/2012
How about a standard trim Fusion Energi and a Titanium Energi model as just announced for the fusion Hybrid?
Danni T 08/30/2012
"Going green" shouldn't be seen as a luxury and the cars shouldn't come full of other premium options. There are many people willing to make personal financial sacrifices to drive fuel-alternatives, but that doesn't mean they also want to pay the premium for leather. Creating a standard of trim level required to get an electric/hybrid/etc. only perpetuates the notion that driving a green vehicle is expensive and something done by the wealthy.
Jaime 08/21/2012
Hear hear. I really think the C-Max Energi is the perfect fit for my lifestyle, but having no options other than leather seats is a deal-breaker for me.
Brad B 08/17/2012
Hey Ford ! As Grandma use to say ... "Horse Feathers!". And those like us who have Percheron, Shire, and Belgian Draft horses know what horse feathers are. One more word about leather seats ... and that word is "Green-House" as known in the auto-biz. All the cars have larger glassed or green house construction. The C-Max when it is equipped with the new glass roof line will be larger. Leather is OK, but I and quite a few other agree that a hi-end fabric like the Micro-Fibers found on lazy recyliners might be a grand alternative. Something I'd like to see are *cooled seats as well as heated. My SEL Fusion has the heated seats and in the winter that is great. But on those 100+ degree days NC had in July, well the Fusion stayed home with her leather seats. Now, from a safety standpoint the side impact airbags are a mute point with a cloth cover over the bags. So that idea won't work.
I think this discussion will be on for awhile.
Brad B 08/07/2012
Hey George K. & Ford ! I too agree with the cloth seats for the SEL Hybrids. On the 2012 and older Fusion Hybrids leather was an option. Do this again, and as the Cows say "Eat More Chicken."
Cassandra 08/04/2012
I am excited about the C-Max Energi. It is a step closer to full electric than Hybrid, but it would be very strange if I had leather seats. I can't imagine myself buying them since I have been a vegetarian for 17 years! Please have this one have eco seating like the full plug in car.
Cassandra 08/04/2012
I am excited about the C-Max Energi. It is a step closer to full electric than Hybrid, but it would be very strange if I had leather seats. I can't imagine myself buying them since I have been a vegetarian for 17 years! Please have this one have eco seating like the full plug in car.
John 08/04/2012
I was just about to type the same request, and could not have said it any better. Definitely something that might sway me over to the Prius V if Ford can't figure out there's at least some people trying to be enviro-friendly that don't want to be sitting on dead animals.
Travis G 08/01/2012
This is an issue on all of Ford's 2013 Green Cars, as most of the Packages for the Fusion Hybrid, Focus Electric and both C-Max models have leather in them. Ford and really all car companies need to realize that what worked as Luxury in yesteryear doesn't qualify as Green Luxury today. Toyota seems most in sync with this, but only on the Prius line, as the 2012 Camry Hybrid has leather in its packages as well.

If Ford really wants to go head to head with Toyota on the Green front, they will need to step up here. This could even be a market leadership point, given that the new MPG numbers for the 2013 Fusion Hybrid look to come in right on the Prius's heals. Ford could position this model as a beautiful car that has solid Green characteristics across the board. I'm sure they will do that anyway but having leather packages will be a real detractor for a major part of the Green Market I think.

Green Luxury may be a bit of an oxymoron, but lets face it, we aren't going to get to a sustainable future by browbeating the public with guilt and terrible products. Even small progressive steps add up! I think in Ford's case specifically, they need to make an optional "Leather Package" for all Green cars that would be independent of all other packages/options. This would allow for adding the better options without lumping the leather along with them. Obviously, an even better option would be to nix the leather altogether and offer something like Toyota's SofTex but just removing the leather requirements in the Green lineup would be a great start.

I was actually in at a local dealership yesterday discussing this issue and basically the only way to even get a non leather car with the rest of the luxury options would be to do a custom fleet order with a minium of 5 units! They also said they could do some modifications once it gets to the lot, but that really misses the point.

Personally I'm a Vegan and am very interested in buying a 2014 Fusion Hybrid next year. I really hope that Ford gives us a full palette of options for it that won't require adding leather as well. I've been a Ford customer for 10 years now, with 3 new Ford vehicle purchases under my belt and I'd like a Fusion Hybrid to be my 4th. That said, I am looking very closely at the other Hybrids currently on the market, especially the Prius models since I won't be able to order a Fusion Hybrid with all the options I'd like, something that the Prius does offer.
C S 07/29/2012
While the word vegetarian (the word, not who it represents) may raise a red flag in the New Ford paradigm, I completely agree with having a cloth seat option available in all vehicles. Recently, when I had the chance to test drive all the vehicles (at a local school music dept. fundraiser, thank you, Briarwood Ford), I passed on the vehicles that had leather seats. It was warm that day, and since I would never buy a car with leather seats, I didn't even do the test drive. I will never drive anything but a Ford, but I will never buy a car with leather seats.