Clean diesel Focus and Fiesta for USA

Ford is to be congratulated and applauded for bring the European style Fiesta and Focus models to the North American market. They look fantastic compared with the staid GM and Chrysler equivalents, and both have very high reputations in Europe. However, one thing is missing: the clean and super economical diesel engines that Europeans have access to with low emissions and exceptional economy (over 60 MPG in some variants).
Be brave, Ford, a second time round and please give us the economic, fast, great to drive diesels engines we now crave and deserve. Set a new trend and become the leader!
Ray 09/23/2014
Just back from Italy where I had a diesel S-Max. I would buy a diesel Focus or C-Max tomorrow. Ford - stop analyzing it and just do it!  You built that outstanding factory in the UK. Now ship them to us!!!!
anthony massaro 04/04/2014
Come on ford bring on the diesel, Were is your guts and glory show the german's who we really are.Anthony Mass
clifton Swanson 01/24/2014
I rented a diesel Focus in England last year and it was a phenomenal car. If it came to the US, I'd get one immediately. If not, I'll wait until it does.
dhart 10/24/2013
I agree, drove a diesel Focus in England this summer which was tremendous fun to drive, very comfortable for my group of 4, and got great mileage. Ford, please bring this to the US!
Cal 08/04/2013
Put me down for one. In addition, I'd like Ford to explore putting that same diesel engine into an Escape. They'd sell them faster than they could make them.
Anthony R 07/22/2013
My perfect vehicle would be an 4WD turbo diesel Fiesta coupe, even taking a hit in power in order to stuff an emission-controled diesel into that platform. It would still be a blast! Pretty please? Take my money!
Scott 07/18/2013
Please bring the fiesta diesel!!!
Robert M 07/04/2013
Well folks, Chevy has thrown down the gauntlet with the diesel Cruze for the model year 2014. Is Ford next with a diesel Focus and Fiesta? We'll see!
Carlos W 06/26/2013
I just spent the last week driving a Diesel Focus with a Six Speed Manual around Eastern Europe. I loved it, I never thought a diesel would have so much power. I Cruised at up to 110mph on the Autobahn , shot through mountain roads, and even though I was having a lot of fun pushing it hard, I averaged 42mpg. This beats the BEST hybrids considering how I drove it.
Please bring this to the states!
sd 06/15/2013
I want a ford with a small displacement diesel engine. I would buy one!
Josh 05/04/2013
I would actually switch to Ford if this showed up.
Adrian 04/23/2013
I'm waiting for the Ford Focus diesel to be sold in America too. I will be the first one to buy one.
Sean 04/14/2013
Focus diesel (especially the wagon) and I'll be at the dealer TODAY bringing my deposit!
CB 02/26/2013
I would love a diesel Focus! My gas Focus is on its way out, gonna need a new one soon!
William R 02/08/2013
Diesel would open the world of alternative fuel to Ford USA. First thing chem engineers learn to do is make diesel from cooking oil....and other bio sources. Eco boost is great idea but only half way there. New people mover type family auto sure could use 600 plus miles on a tank of fuel.
Andrew 01/12/2013
Yes, please bring a turbo diesel to the US. I just bought a brand new VW Golf TDI; the only thing that stopped me getting a Focus was the lack of a turbo diesel option. Every time I drive past a Ford dealer I have a pang of regret that the option wasn't available to me - I'm willing to trade the Golf at any time!
Normand G 08/25/2012
We have the fuel,LSF, we need the diesel engine in cars and light trucks,
Ecoboost fanfare is great but diesel is a better ecoboost both are turbo
direct injected engine, in the real world ecoboost gas engine 2.0 liter geta fair 35mpg while the diesel gets 45 to 50 mpg.
Come on Ford, yes you can.
fzaman 07/27/2012
I just spend 2 weeks in Italy driving the Focus Diesel wagon and it was awesome! I really wish the US sold these here.
amber 07/19/2012
What is holding them back? I am sure they'd see a spike in quarterly profit. I like the fiesta and focus anyway. But, I'd go out to a dealership and trade in my current car for something that got 4x better gas mileage.
Matt B 05/10/2012
I rented a Fiesta and was very impressed (USA). I won't consider buying one until we get the diesel model that Europe gets. C'mon Ford, don't make me buy a VW Jetta or Golf TDI! I'll be ready to buy in about 1 year!
Clayton P 05/04/2012
I want a diesel SO bad, I'm even willing to pay two thousand more for it! I know that there is tons of government regulation on diesel to try and make it better for the environment, but it is totally worth the investment! Ford give us a diesel option on EVERY model!
Paul A 02/25/2012
The ECOnetic engines would give Ford a huge advantage in the American marketplace. I have been waiting to buy the right car for myself and my family and the ECOnetic Focus would be it. Especially if it was AWD.
Dave Sanders 11/14/2011
I'd like to believe that the US auto industry wasn't in collusion with big oil in keeping these cars from us, but I too have rented (Ford Mondeo diesel) in Europe and was SO impressed. Why can't we have them, huh Ford? Don't say the US market isn't ready for them because that simply isn't true. Just ask BMW and VW.
Mike 10/17/2011
FORD......Listen up! Americans want Diesel engines in our cars!! When will you drop your stubborn refusal to bring them to North America? THe Chevy Cruze Diesel will be sitting in my driveway next year...unless of course their is a Diesel FOCUS available Stateside!! WAKE UP MAN!!
Dean Winters 09/10/2011
i rented a diesel fiesta when i was in england for 2 weeks. it was an amazing car to drive. it was the 1.6 and was a dream. so quiet and smooth on the highway, no worse than my focus i have now! i would be first in line to buy one of these if they brought them and i know im not the only one after seeing how well the golf and jetta tdi sell around here in new england.
Normand Guenette 09/06/2011
Bring the clean Diesel to America
Benjamin Burkhardt 08/24/2011
Why doesn't Ford bring the Duratorq engines here in the States? They're sell like Apple computers!
Marshall 08/08/2011
I have owned two diesel Volkswagens, and liked the torque and mileage. Time for Ford to complete their transition to modern fuel-efficient vehicles, and bring ALL of their European product to the USA.