C-Max/Fusion Hybrid EcoMode

By Alan C.

Offer an EcoMode for the C-Max and Fusion Hybrids that reduce engine power, so it's easier to obtain 47+mpg.
Brad B 04/03/2013
Hey Ford! Well I gonna tick off a few. Apparently the above posters haven't read their owner's manual. Before I did any real driving I set up the eco-modes. I've also noticed that the car responds better to the eco-setting when the cruise control is turned on. I'm seeing from 44 to 48 mpg around town, on the highway (55mph) I'm seeing 52 to 54 mpg. Owners have too develop the slow start and slow stop style of driving the C-Max. You have to setup the car, and not play stop light drag racer. Treat your C-Max like a lady and she'll deliver the high mpgs. I showed another C-Max owner how to setup the eco-settings and he is getting better mpgs.
Emil M 03/27/2013
I don't understand why your mileage is so poor. We have had our new C-Max for 4 days and the mpg is already over 40 driving at a very comfortable rate of speed.
Laura C 03/26/2013
My husband and I were all set to purchase a C-max SEL; then I read the consumer report. EPA estimated of 47/47 looks like false advertising. We plan on holding off on purchasing until the car performs as advertised...is 47/47 based on actual EPA driving, or a theoretical calculation. A 20% drop from the advertised window stickered MPG constitutes fraud to me.
Dean W 01/26/2013
How about developing a combination of engine/electric motor/drivetrain that can actually achieve the EPA extimated 47/47/47 MPG. My combined average MPG for the first 3,000 miles is 37.3. Consumer Reports says they can't get over 39MPG out of the C-Max Hybrid, which has the same propulslion configuration and weighs the same as the Fusion Hybrid. ??
Mark R 01/13/2013
Bad idea.Any less power and they would be a dog compared to the Cqmray!