C Max

I am new to Ford and I love it,people at work wonder if I work for you because I am so upbeat about your product. I previously owned a 3rd generation Toyota Prius which was flawless. I recently purchased a 2013 C max SEL. I truly believe the C max is a better built and higher tech vehicle. I have been getting 40 to 50 miles per gallon. The inside space and quality far exceeds the Toyota. I believe you should make them with earthy colors and promote them as green vehicles. They need to be advertised more so people know they are available ( no one ever heard of them!) I really liked the solar roof on my Prius which activated fans on the inside while parked to help maintain a cooler cabin temp. I really wanted a green color but none was avail. This great vehicle needs to be exposed to the public. The dealer I purchased it from hardly has any models to show anyone. I still never seen the plug in model? I really love it! I ordered mine and it took over two months to receive Bob W
Mary B 08/29/2013
I just wanted to say that I purchased a C-Max Energi last April and have only been to the gas station once.  I love my C-Max energi and wish Ford would advertise this car more!