C-MAX EnergI Charge Mode

We use our C-Max Energi on some extended highway drives running more than 500 miles and over 70 mph.  During part of the drive, it would be nice to be able to fully charge the battery so that at our destination we would have 20 something miles of pure EV power available.  It seems like this would likely a software upgrade as all of the charging equipment is already in place in use for regenerative braking.  The user interface could probably be handled through the EV mode switch.
Tom W 12/03/2013
just purchased my Energi and had the same experience. Drained the ~20mile battery in 7 miles once on I-95 doing 70+ mph.
Ed M 11/15/2013
I agree. It would be nice after the 230 miles of highway driving from PA to CT to arrive with fully charged high-voltage batteries and therefore have 22+ miles of EV range. I drove up to show off my new C-Max Energi to family and friends, and when I arrived, could not show the EV mode until I'd plugged in for 7 1/2 hours.
John C 11/09/2013
Great idea!