C-Max Diesel

Please consider[as Mazda has] to bring the Diesel format engines to small cars. The
C-max and Focus at 60 to 70 MPG as they already achieve in Europe would go a long way to reducing Greenhouse gases and our dependence on imported oil . I look forward to theC-Max coming out ,it from the Photos has more features than the Mazda 5.
Marshall T 08/24/2012
VWAG, MBenz, BMW are all making inroads into the US market with smaller diesel engines. Ford should be leading the pack. You guys make great cars with so many excellent engine choices, but not for your home market. A C-Max with a 1.4/1.6/1.8 TDCI engine, efficient manual or auto-manual transmission would be, I believe, a hit here with folks who want space for their burgeoning families, but also want a frugal engine option. Ford could be the first to bring common rail diesels here in the 1.4-1.6L category. Please just do it! I suspect you'd have a home run on your hands!
Ford Owner 12/21/2011
I want a diesel, and a standard transmission. Provide those, I walk home with a C-Maxx. Otherwise, I go European wagon. The decision not to provide a standard on the C-Maxx in 2012 is a mistake. Same with diesel. Whatever happened to "One Ford?" I drive a Ford Focus wagon now, and I love it - standard transmission enhances the virtues of the car.
Arthur 09/21/2011
Arthur Yagudayev
we Need a 8 passanger diesel van very badly that is priced under 20,000. It needs to have a 1.4 liter turbocharched diesel engine so it can get about 120-140 HP and get 45 city-60 mpg highway. This car will fly of the car lots like crazy and it will be major Success for the Ford Motor Company.
Mike Artegiani 07/15/2011
Diesel explorer! How could I resist?! It would make the Q7 TDI look bad.
Robert Cartwright 05/19/2011
As a scientist, I am underwhelmed by the global warming/carbon footprint hysteria, but I believe in efficient use of resources. I won't buy a replacement for my 2003 Mazda MPV until I can buy a diesel minivan (perhaps a Grand C-Max) with a DCT or M5 transmission.
mark H 05/17/2011
6 passenger Cmax or other light mini-van. 30+ MPG 6-7 passenger vehicle wins all the marbles in the US! We're begging for a diesel or hybrid van!
Dale Thomas 04/30/2011
Yes! Bring the diesel's here. Offer me a Diesel Transit and I'm buying!
Brian Langston 04/26/2011
Ford really needs to grab the diesel market. The Ford Territory in Australia gets like 28 mpg highway beating the 3.5l 4x4 gas burner by 4 mpg. I would hope they would bring the diesels here.
Ron J 04/26/2011
I agree. Don't get me wrong, I live in rural Iowa and I support hybrids/electrics but they won't work for me. It's at least a 300+ mile round trip to the nearest major city and I also need AWD and ground clearance for snow just to get out of my driveway! A small turbo diesel would be perfect in a small SUV/pickup. They aren't the weak, smelly & smokey animals they once were & I know Ford has diesels in Europe. With all our local diesel pickups, diesel fuel is as easy to obtain as gas.
Ron J 04/26/2011
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