Yo! Fordies! For those of us who have winter to contend with, all-wheel-drive is a must. Come on! Give us some help up here, eh? :)
Peter R 12/27/2013
Maybe the aftermarket will come up with a rear hub motor kit and controller that reads the traction control/antilock system, for an on demand system. The motor HP would only need to be minimal, as its purpose would be to get you out and keep you out of trouble.
Merlyn 11/18/2013
The only reason I bought something else was because the C-Max didn't have all wheel drive. If it gets it, I will probably still buy one unless something better comes along from someone else.
Minnesota guy 03/09/2013
Same thing here. We like this vehicle and would like to buy one, but not without AWD. I may have to buy another CRV if Ford doesn't come out with the AWD.
Cliff S 02/12/2013
C-Max Energi AWD... Just add two rear hub motors and you'd have my (and probably all my neighbors') dollars. You also could claim "World's First Production AWD Plug-In"
Michael M 01/28/2013
I'd buy one today if it had AWD
bob 05/11/2012
me 01/27/2012
It displeases me both as a shareholder and a wannabe driver of driver of the C-max. Starting a family up North, we need all-wheel or 4-wheel
carlos alvarez 01/04/2012
I love the C-Max, but not having 4x4 is a shpwstopper for me......