Bring the UK Ford Galaxy to the USA

On my trips to the UK, I often rent the diesel Ford Galaxy. USA Ford needs to get back into the family van business with this very vehicle that gets in excess of 40MPG. Use the ultra low sulfur diesel like my other diesels. My family would be first in line to rid ourselves of our 18MPG Toyota Sienna.
Mike 07/14/2014
Spent months looking for a new vechile to replace our aging Isuzu Oasis (aka the original Honda Odessy). Finally we gave up and put a new transmission in the Oasis and will keep it for at least 5 years longer. Last week, while visiting London, we spotted the Ford Galaxy and feel in love. Just what we wanted in terms of size of a minivan with 3rd row seating that folds flat and doors that open like a car. Plus love the great mileage. Wish it was available in the USA.
Neil Barney 09/18/2013
please send the galaxy to the usa, preferably in hybrid form.
Gary Hinderks 09/09/2013
Whoever in Detroit that said the minivan is dead just out of touch with the buying public. While it may not be as popular as it once was it is a viable automobile and still has a place on the showroom floor.
Ben 09/03/2013
Very much agree. We have a Mazda 5 that will become too small with a 3rd child.... Looking to avoid going up to a land-boat. This product from Ford looks perfect.
Alan 05/20/2013
If Ford sold the Galaxy with a diesel engine in the US, I would literally buy one almost immediately. Especially if you gave me the ability to buy it with a manual transmission.
John Schoonhoven 03/28/2013
I love the Ford Galaxy, I rented one in Europe last April with a 2.0L/6 speed standard, great ride, excellent fuel economy and really spacious. Nice handling vehicle even at 140kmh, very quiet and stable. Can't understand why Ford will not bring it to North America as they currently have no Minivan.
My current Toyota Sienna van gets about 12l/100km, the Galaxy was averaging about 8l/100km and at much higher speeds on the highway. Wish I could try the diesel version, must be fun to drive.
Dual Citizen 02/19/2013
owned a diesel Galaxy when i lived in Ukraine. survived their roads! very tough. superb milage. owned another in Hungary and drove with my kids all over southern/central europe. love the six speed manual, 1.9l VW Turbo Diesel fast enough for the A-Bahn/Strada. It is a crime they aren't in NAmerica. I am now enduring a 18 MPG Voyager. Ugh
Jon M 10/25/2012
My family also rents the Galaxy when visiting Scotland. We have toured the very hilly highlands with 5 adults, an infant in their seat, and all associated luggage without ever feeling underwhelmed in terms of acceleration or hill climbing ability. Not sooty, not stinky, and got 32 mpg (US) in combined driving that included a lot of steep ascents.
Erik S 08/21/2012
The gasoline Ecoboost Ford Galaxy with wet-clutch DCT would be our next car purchase if it were offered in the USA. My wife loves the way the seats move. Beats all other USA minivans MPG by a good margin. Probably don't mind the doors opening out, a small compromise for a minivan superior in many regards, another great Ford!
Brad Barefoot 02/04/2012
Hey Lucas F ! I agree the Galaxy is a great vehicle. Hopefully it and the Euro Transit full size van in the *window/Tourino version will be available soon. I actuallt lean more towards the larger Transit van.
Robby Kilian 01/04/2012
I think the Galaxy okay but bring the Mondeo first!