Bring the Ford Transit Van (full size, not connect to the usa)

By S B.

the ford transit is an awesome van, why is it not sold in Ford's home market
T Brennan 03/22/2012
I think the full size Transit van would be excellent for use as a wheelchair van with a platform lift. I don't know if the lift could be put on the side because of the sliding door, But it looks like the lift could be put in the rear with plenty of room. I hope ford looks into this,
Robby 01/04/2012
Sorry Ford but the Econoline needs to go. I have been waiting for the Transit to make its way here for a while now. I've know several people who have had serious problems with they Econolines after just 40k to 50k miles which is unacceptable. On the other hand I've heard nothing but good thing about the Transit. Its proved itself reliability over the years, it's economical and unlike the Econoline, it's not a eye sore.
white rabbitt 10/12/2011
It behooves me as to why Ford does not configure it's current E series vans to be more economical without giving up the load capacity (volume and weight cargo abilities) instead of importing a European Van. Go figure ...
Chris LaVoie 10/05/2011
i want one - especially if it comes with an mpg rating in the mid 20's or higher. diesel?
Frank Cavanagh 09/09/2011
That will be great! It will make an excellent camper van, with an aftermarket pop-top.
Steve Austin 12/02/2010
It is due to replace the Econoline by 2014