Bring over the European Ranger

With Ford using one car for the world as in the new Focus and the new Fiesta. Why doesn't Ford bring over the Ranger. Its in need of a major redoing anyways and also please bring over the 3.0-litre Duratorq TDCi. You would have a major piece of the market cause no one else has a diesel in a small pickup and from what I have read and have heard people talk about, its what people are waiting for.
Marshall T 10/18/2012
A four cylinder diesel Ranger would be a game changer here. If geared right, it could easily get 30+ city/ 35+ HWY. Just do it!
Lincoln Vaz 03/05/2011
I agree although I think the new global Ranger is too big. I am not sure why the U.S. market was not considered during the redesign process in terms of size.
Ben Barrington 01/25/2011
Seriously! I'd be all over that... (Sadly less the Military discount)
Eric Z. 11/20/2010
Why doesn't Ford offer the Fiesta in the U.S. (or for military sales customers) in the 3-door version, as is available in Europe? That is a much hotter looking car, especially in the Sport (Zetec S) version. If I could buy the 3-door in a U.S. spec version under the military sales discount program, I'd trade in my Ranger and snap one up in a minute!