Bring back the Ranger.

By Carl C.

My idea is simple. Millions of ford truck owners were upset when Ford quit building Rangers pickups. Those of us who are smaller in stature doesn't necessarily like or want a F150 or larger truck. My last truck was a 1999 Ranger Extended Cab Stepside Flex fuel. It was totaled in a crash with a semi, safety wise it performed exactly how it was designed to. My wife and I both are small and this truck fit both of us. My idea is to bring back the Ranger using the design of the crosscountry racing rangers, except using an ecoboost four or six cylinder engine to help with fuel economy in the 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive models. Giving the public a choice of a 2 door, a true 4 door crew cab or an extended cab truck would most likely bring back and add new small truck owners to Ford. This truck which is smaller in size and with an ecoboost engine would have a smaller carbon footprint, therefore making it a greener vehicle than all the other trucks in its class.
Roger S 10/10/2014
I believe Ford should bring back a small pickup, i.e. Ranger, with options such as extended cab, and a small engine for fuel economy. Not everyone is a construction person in need of large truck; a homeowner just wants to be able to haul a piece of plywood or a refrigerator, etc. We have owned a Toyota Tacoma, several Nissan Frontiers, and would buy a Ranger. Even the Tacoma & Frontier are no longer small pickups. They are almost full size & have V6 engines which does not equate to good mileage. A 1.6 to 2.4 liter engine would be great. Good size & mileage, United States made would sell.
Mike 02/09/2014
I say do it!  What I am looking for in a next vehicle is an economical, reliable, basic, and nimble little shortbed single-cab pickup, nimble and small being key words.  The Ranger line offered that, now Ford has nothing like that. 
I'm 6'3" and agree 100%. While I like the interior room of modern half tons, their external dimensions are unreasonable for what I see around me of their everyday usage.
Jeffrey B 10/29/2013
I love this idea. In addition pleaase add a 4 and 6cylinder diesel option for fuel economy. This is what i drove in Afghanistan and it was the best small truck i have ever had!