Bring back the other Ford icon enginesI,the 300(4.9L) in-line six and the 351(5.8L V-8)

While the 5.0L is an good use of new technolgy that Ford is using,and bringing the 302 V-8 back into the fold they also need a engine between the 5 and the 6.2L. Make the 5.8L option in the Expedition and in the F serie while offer an alternative to the V-8's. While it doesn't have to be an inline, the 4.9L was Ford stample in many Broncos, half tons, and cargo vans. Those who never had one, it was a torquey engine for a gas block. It offered good mpg, good performance, and was easy to work on.It was the standard engine in the the light duty F-100's and 150's.The bigger displacement should help move the heavy half tons easier.They could offer two versions- a non-Ecoboost version and the Ecoboosted version(like the flex has two versions of 3.5L).