Bring back the Inline 6 with eco or turbo

I think if you brought back the inline 6 with the eco boost concept along with a turbo it would be a good work horse engine. Just an idea. I've enjoyed having my old inline 6 in my truck and most people think its one of the best idea ford had. I say why not bring back a good idea.
tully h 05/02/2013
economic boost 300 I6!!! awsome
environment boost
John Jolly 01/05/2012
An I-6 would be great, fewer parts, no balance shaft required, lighter weight, smoother, easier to maintain than a V6. I like for the Mustang as well.
Dick Montelbahn 11/09/2011
they were always durable 300,000 plus mile motors, the I-6 is a very efficient design capable of producing lots of low end torque to putt down the highway with.