bring back the Ford Ranger

I am on my 3rd Ford Ranger and hope it will last until Ford brings it back again on the market. The 2006-2008 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 4LV6 was the best model ever made. I have been shopping for every kind of automobile that fits like a Ford Ranger and can't find anything that even comes close. The Ford F-150 is just too damn big and fuel inefficient. The Ranger is such an efficient and functional vehicle. I am ready to buy a new Ford Ranger ASAP!
Kim A 09/30/2014
I want to buya new truck and I want a ranger. I love my Dad's and if I can not get one I will get his when he finds something to repalce it.....which means never. Oh well bring the Ranger back.
aaron stein 09/10/2014
Had 3 Rangers, my favorite was a 1995 xtra cab with that strong 4.0 V6. Will never buy a full size ,oversize beast that they are all producing. Drive a V6 Tacoma which is very good but would buy Ranger again if they come back.
JimBo 06/08/2014
I have had an 85, 2-91's, 94 and a 99 Ford Ranger, loved every one of them. I am older now and the Ranger was so easy to maneuver, wash and to access the bed and cleaning of the windows etc. it was all the truck I ever needed. The F-150 is a big enough difference in lehgth, width and height to make it infeasBle for me and my use. I now own a Sport Trac, which has also ceased production. I am beginning to think Ford wants to chase us away, but so far, I still reduse to own a GM vehicle. I hear the Colorado is on it's way back. Do not make me do something you and I will geow up to dislike, Bring back the Ranger You already make it, so sell it here in the US.
Gerry R 04/27/2014
I love my 2002 Ranger w/ 4.0 liter. It has 163k and is still a great truck. I won't replace this truck until Ford brings the Ranger back. I hope they come to their senses and do it soon. Please include a turbo diesel option - great economy and tons of torque. Don't make me move overseas - I'll do it if I have to.
RangerFan 12/03/2013
My dad use to have a '91 Ranger. It was a really great truck. Sure, it had problems, but I know of only one engine problem it ever had. The Ford Ranger is a really good truck. I want to be able to have one. I miss this truck. I hope Ford does what they did with the Taurus after it was discontinued. Rangers are great trucks and future generations should get a chance to know that.
Joseph R 07/25/2013
Still waiting on this, Ford, bring back the Ranger!
Roger O 03/05/2013
I totally agree.. I owned one '99 Ranger, one '03 Sport Trac, and own an '08 Sport Trac. The international Ranger should be in the domestic stable. I am extremely dissatisfied with the discontinuance of the Mercury line, and the Ranger.
Larry G 03/03/2013
FORD; Why did you ever drop the FORD RANGER line? These trucks were affordable to the middle class working man, and I speak from experience as to their durability, since my first Ranger had almost 300,000 on the engine and the last ranger I owned took a terrible beating from an accident. They were a reliable truck, I think you should give some thought to bringing back this truck brand.
Joseph R 10/08/2012
Hopefully Ford will realize that, just like retiring the Taurus, this is a bad idea and they will bring it back.

I sure hope so anyway. I love my Ranger and when it comes time to replace it, I won't be buying an F150 - they're too big. Hopefully Ford will have something smaller for me or I'll be going elsewhere.
William T 09/19/2012
If you really want a new 2011 Ranger, Customer Service will do a nation wide search for inventory and get you the closest match of them still in the parking lot. That is how I bought mine 3 months ago.
On my second Ranger and was planning to replace it with a third. This decision is the worst news since, Haagen Daz discontinued "Vanilla Fudge". Nothing lasts forever but the good things seem to disappear alot sooner.
Richard P 08/07/2012
Agree why in Europe and not the USA. Bring back the Ranger of if you have to call it something else the F100. I can remember F100's from years gone by.
Justin L 08/02/2012
Yes the decision to discontinue one of the best pickups ever built was just completely dissapointing We need a small body on frame Ford truck here in America before I'm forced to buy a Japanese branded truck.
We own a 1998 Ford Ranger with 350,000 miles. It may have a few moans and groans, but don't we all? Talked to a dealer today who told me that there won't be any more Rangers, but there is an F-100 currently available in Europe. If this is an American truck, why isn't it avaiable in America?