Bring back F100

I am reading about how risky the new F150 is.  What if you brought back the F100 with the lighter frame, smaller engine, possibly a few inches shorter in height to maximize gas mileage.  Have an almost identical looking F150 using the majority of the same parts, but still Ford tough. 

If the F100s are a hit, great.  If it doesn't take off, you aren't risking the reputation of the F150 (ie Coke).  But since most to the population in the US lives in cities and uses our trucks for recreation, I would think there would be a great market for a F100.  Same storage space, but economical to drive.
Richard 01/24/2014
I have a 1990 Ranger extended cab 2.9 V6 with 250,000 miles. It is rusting and needs the interior redone. But it runs Great! I need a small truck that with 4 door that gets out of this world mpg and can still tow a descent load. The F150 is too much truck for my needs.Blue Oval knows how to make trucks. Small F100/Ranger based on F150 concept with the 2.3 EcoBoost with the new 10 speed automatic transmission.Winner.
Bob N 01/14/2014
That's a tough sell. Ford already has a global truck in this category, the new Ranger. Ford refuses to bring it to the US for fear that it will cannibalize base model F150 sales. A light duty F1xx would have the same effect.